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Worried About Hitting Sales Quotas? Do this with Your Marketing Budget

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In mid-March of 2020, the world changed overnight when the COVID-19 novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Schools closed, businesses shifted to work-from-home, and what was normal quickly became abnormal. As the dust settled from this rapid change, companies faced new questions and challenges, worries about hitting sales quotas, and how to maintain business in an ever-changing world. Read More

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Trade Show Marketing: What to Do Before, During, and After

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In the past year, almost 40% of companies increased their trade show budget. That’s resources devoted to trade show marketing, prospect outreach, and follow-up. The reason so many are upping their trade show investments is based on a simple fact: higher and more powerful ROI. The average face-to-face meeting costs upwards of $260 while a trade show prospect meeting is around $140. And each of those meetings are high impact, with almost 85% of trade show attendees saying they have buying authority.

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NuGrowth SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy

4 Tips to Build an Effective Go-To-Market Strategy

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Attracting and retaining customers is at the heart of every business’ go-to-market strategy. But what exactly does that mean? A go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) is an action plan that specifies how a business will target potential customers. At NuGrowth Sales as a Service, we’ve refined our go-to-market strategy down to four crucial steps to ensure success.

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Top Tools to Hone Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing, though a highly effective brand buzz and lead generation method, is not without its challenges. According to the Content Marketing Institute, new and experienced content marketers alike report the same hurdle: producing engaging content.

There is help…if you can find it. We waded through the dozens of content marketing tools out there, pinpointing the best to tackle your biggest challenges. Though our list is not exhaustive, it can put struggling content teams on the right path.

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Increase Your Reach and Response with These Email Marketing Tools

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Email marketing tools have evolved since the first official email marketing message was sent back in 1978. Deliberate, strategized email marketing didn’t come into full force till the 1990s. Soon after, regulations monitoring the practice came into play, marking the impact and importance of this digital marketing method.

Since then, email marketing tools and practices continue to improve, adding analytics and adapting to the rise in mobile use among other innovations. Check these types of email marketing tools to see if your team is utilizing the most effective methods in this almost 40-year-old practice.

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Good Intentions Only Go So Far: Closing the Content Marketing Gap

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The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

A heavy statement. And, for those working through a content marketing plan, not far from the truth. Content marketing is on the rise—everybody is getting in the game—but good intentions won’t drive success. Those relying on quick fixes, unrealistic expectations, and unsound strategies may as well purchase a one-way ticket to content marketing Hades.

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Customer Retention and the Hidden Power of Content Marketing

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In the race for new business, content marketing has long been championed as a strategy for attracting and gaining new clients.

But what happens when the race is over?

Too often marketers mistakenly think that once a sale closes, so does their content. This could not be further from the truth. After all, keeping current customers is just as important as (if not more important than) attracting new ones.

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