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Great Recipe, Wrong Ingredients: Honing Your Strategy with Sales Outsourcing

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Great food starts with quality ingredients. Black truffle oil adds something to a dish that canola oil cannot. But, if you only have bottles and bottles of truffle oil, you’re missing a lot of what it takes to make a mushroom risotto or the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had. You need more than just one quality ingredient to make a dish.

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Attention Content Marketers: Is your CRM as Detailed as your Personas?

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As an effective content marketer, you have put the time into understanding the characteristics of your audience.  You’ve developed and validated personas. You or your strategist has created an editorial calendar that will knock clients’ socks off. You’ve produced exceptional content. You’ve written targeted messaging to introduce that content. You’ve got a plan to get it out to the masses.

But are you sure your team can effectively execute on your strategy?

Have you closed the reporting gap?

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Top 7 Things to Look for in an Outsourced Sales Partner

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An outsourced sales partner should be just that – a partner in your business, bringing more to the table than just selling. Although sales experience and expertise is crucial, a good partner should also have open and transparent conversations with you. Organization, consistency, and diligence should be apparent in all their approaches. Some other key factors to look for include:
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How to Know When a Lead is “Sales Ready”

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Today, leading companies recognize that content marketing is a great strategy to generate new leads.  They also recognize that prospects are unlikely to be converted into customers after simply reading a few blogs or infographics. A talented sales representative must reach out to leads and guide them through the buy cycle.

Traditionally, sales executives spent a lot of time interacting with unqualified leads—individuals unlikely to ever become customers. Fortunately, today’s leading business growth teams have developed effective strategies for connecting sales reps to the perfect lead.

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Is Inside Sales Changing Business?

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The inside sales rep is changing the business landscape.

The popularity of inside sales is growing rapidly, and for good reason. The inside sales model provides unique advantages, such as increased call activity and lower sales costs. It allows companies to scale faster and reach leads more effectively. Yet, while inside sales provides these benefits and more, there are still those who struggle to understand its value.

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