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Your Inside Sales Strategy Key: Outreach Cadence

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Does your inside sales team need an outreach cadence strategy?

Would we be asking if the answer was “no”?

In sales outreach, it’s your job to remember the prospect – not the other way around. The more you reach out, the higher the likelihood you’ll get a conversation going. Your chances of reaching a prospect increase from 40 to 90 percent between the first and sixth outreach attempt. And you need that conversation to make the sale.

As a sales as a service provider, we know a proven sales strategy can be a gold mind for you team. In fact, almost 60% of salespeople say once they found a winning strategy, they use it over and over for continued success. If you’re in the dark on sales outreach strategy, or if you’re looking to improve your methods, these essential elements will ignite your pipeline.

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How great content speeds the sales cycle

How Great Content Speeds the Sales Cycle

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Great content helps your buyer to a make a well-informed decision about your product in less time and with more confidence. Content that applies to your potential buyer clarifies options and liberates them to move forward in the buying process with ease. As they move seamlessly from one step to the next, the sales cycle naturally becomes faster.

Kyle Tillar, our Vice President of Sales as a Service speaks to the power of great messaging as it relates to sales, “When content is matched to our buyer, we see a tremendous uptick in our ability to engage in conversation and support them with the information they need.”. Read More

Six Tips for More Effective Lead Management

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In sales, a lead is defined as a “potential sales contact.” But what constitutes “potential?”

Depending who you talk to, “potential contact” can be anything from a purchased name in a database to someone who filled out a web form, replied to an email blast, or dropped their card in the fishbowl at a trade show.

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The Difference Between Lead Nurturing and Lead Management (And Why You Need Both)

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You’ve probably heard about the importance of lead nurturing and lead management. You may have heard about the performance advantages enjoyed by companies that adopt lead nurturing processes. You may even be familiar with specific statistics— like the fact that companies with a lead nurturing process generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. But do you have a grasp on the real relationship between lead nurturing and lead management? We’ve got you covered.

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Lead Scoring

Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring

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Digital marketing is easy, right?  Make something, put it online, people sign up and buy. Sorry to disappoint.  It is, in fact, a complicated mix of strategy tactics and execution. It is both an art and a science.  An art, in that to be successful one needs to be able to craft quality content that “educates, entertains and delights” the reader.  A science in that you need to be able to identify buyer attributes, strategically target your messaging, analyze the data, and know when a lead is qualified (a.k.a. “sales ready”) and when it is, in fact, just a lead that needs to be nurtured for it to turn into something more. Lead scoring plays a big part when and how to make that determination.
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LeadGen Challenges

Overcoming LeadGen Challenges

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As we’ve talked before, the execution stage is where many lead generation and email marketing efforts fall short. Our last post touched on the challenges associated with executing a campaign, extrapolating and logging the relevant data (from an outbound campaign) and applying the knowledge gained in a meaningful way.

Here are some suggestions for overcoming those challenges: Read More