Creating an Email Marketing Campaign in Six Steps

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Business Development Outreach, Marketing Strategy

Email marketing campaigns don’t get the attention they deserve. Though more recent communication tech, like texting and live chats, certainly bring benefits, email remains one of the most effective marketing methods. In fact, some research shows it has a 4,200% ROI – now that’s effective.

But, to gain such high returns on your email marketing campaigns, you need to put thought into how they’re deployed. One size does not fit all, and your team needs to consider how to craft the right messaging, send it at the right time, and keep improving each campaign to reach your goals.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Clean Up Your Database

A clean database is where it all begins. Make sure you have good contact information for the right people before you start your email campaigns. Do a database audit to clean out duplicate information and expired contact information and fill in any gaps you can.

2. Understand Your Audience

Use market research to understand who you’re contacting with your email marketing campaigns. Some of the most critical information you need is their pain points, ideal price range, and who is a decision-maker for your product or service. Use this knowledge to create email messaging that speaks directly to your audiences’ needs.

3. Create Audience Segments

Though your audience as a whole will have a lot in common, some nuances set them apart. Those nuances are important as they can affect things like the best time of day to contact and what aspect of your product or service is most important to them. Segment your audience by factors like location, age, and job title based on your needs

4. Qualify Your Goals

Before you begin, decide what you plan to achieve. What do you want individuals to do when they get your email? Click a link? Request a quote? Visit your website? Decide what you want to happen and create a call to action that points to those goals.

5. Create Content and Cadence

Content and cadence go hand-in-hand. What each email says will be determined by when it’s sent. Use your market research findings to set up an initial cadence for each campaign. For your content, focus on how each email will move your audience forward.

6. Test, Analyze, Adjust, and Repeat

You won’t get your email marketing campaign right the first time. There’s no way for you to know the specifics of what your targeted email audience wants without giving them something first. Send out your campaigns via marketing automation, using A/B testing to try out different content or cadence, and capture the results in your CRM. Use this information to inform ways to improve and do it all again. Attitudes and preferences change, and you need to be willing to change with them.

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