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Getting to Know You: How to Find a Real Partner for Increasing Sales

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Outsourcing is becoming more common in the business development world – from software development to content creation, and more, savvy agencies are turning to outsourced partners and increasing sales. Statistics show:

  • 57% of companies leveraged outsourced work to increase productivity
  • Outsourcing can increase overall productivity by up to 100 times
  • Those who outsource save around 60% of overall business costs
  • Almost 80% of companies that outsource say they feel optimistic about their outsourced partnership

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Be Ready for the Retail Busy Season with Sales as a Service

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If you work with the retail industry, the busy season preparation starts now. And, despite the disruptions of the on-going global pandemic, consumer insight surveys found COVID-19 “hasn’t impacted consumers’ holiday spending plans.” Though shoppers don’t plan to change their spending, they do plan to change their habits. The same survey found more people plan to shop online, with almost 70% planning to start before Black Friday. Read More


Manufacturing and Sales as a Service: What Outsourced Brings to America’s Business

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The state of manufacturing has evolved over the last decade. Rapid tech advances accelerated speed-to-market, and product demand increased in some industries and decreased in others. At the end of 2019, Deloitte put out a report stating manufacturing “overall deal value has increased by almost 35%” while “volume decreased by almost 30%”. The authors go on to say that manufacturing companies that diversify their portfolios and business models were the most likely to succeed in this ever-changing market. Read More


Inside Sales Training from an Outsourced Partner: What NuGrowth Can Bring to Your Team

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These are uncertain and potentially stressful times for many businesses as each day brings new developments on when and how “business as usual” will resume. Due to this uncertainty and stress, your team needs stability and unity. NuGrowth Director of Sales Support Brian McCann outlines some of the ways inside sales training can help you build and train your team to take on challenges and grow together.  Read More