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NuGrowth Solutions donates to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank

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NuGrowth sets New Record

At NuGrowth Solutions, we are committed to serving local businesses and staying active in the Ohio community. During the month of June, we partnered with Mid-Ohio Food Bank Operations Feed to collect meals for those in need. We divided our staff into four teams and strategized each week on how to implement NuGrowth sales best practices to collect the most items per category.
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Content Marketing: An “Investment” in the Future

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An interview with Monster’s Margaret Magnarelli

Margaret Magnarelli is the leading content strategist and editor at Monster and former executive editor at Money Magazine. She has spoken widely about her three pillars of content strategy: “How, Now, and Wow”—most recently at the Content Marketing World event in Cleveland. We had the opportunity to catch Margaret after the conference and talk more about her approach to prioritizing content and marketing activities at Monster. Read More

NuGrowth Solutions Offers Unique Career Opportunities

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Culture of continuous learning and development empowers achievement.

“It is a competitive environment, but you don’t win from someone else losing.

You win when everyone wins.”

A focus on the individual often isn’t a high priority for many organizations. NuGrowth Solutions, of Columbus, Ohio, is a company that has found great success by making it one.

NuGrowth has built their foundation on the belief that a team can only thrive when each and every member succeeds. To ensure this success, embracing a culture of learning is a key focus of the organization.
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NuGrowth Solutions Implements Cureo – a Cutting Edge Collaboration Tool

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Cureo will allow NuGrowth Solutions to collaborate more easily and securely with its clients, leading to more innovation and greater transparency.


“Cureo will give them a great way to increase transparency with their clients and deepen their relationships. Their firm is focused on tight partnerships, service, and collaboration. They are a perfect fit for the Cureo platform.”

NuGrowth Solutions, a digital marketing and sales as a service firm, is excited to further strengthen collaboration with its clients by partnering with Cureo, an Ohio based technology firm. Cureo is a cutting edge collaboration tool designed to help organizations streamline internal and external communications.

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NuGrowth Community Food Drive Results in Donation of Nearly 22,000 Meals for the Hungry in Central Ohio

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Company competition spurs sales executives to more than double effectiveness of food drive, resulting in over 12,000 pounds of food and $1,750 in cash donations to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

NuGrowth Food DriveNuGrowth Community, which is the philanthropic arm of Strategic Insurance Software and its parent company NuGrowth Solutions, donated 14,952 pounds of food and $1,750 to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank in March. The combination of food and funds donated by NuGrowth Community will result in nearly 22,000 meals for the hungry in central Ohio.

“NuGrowth Community has grown with our company over the past few years, and the food drive has become our primary fundraising event” said Greg Tillar, CEO of NuGrowth Solutions. “It is really enjoyable to watch the teams use their skills and talents to help the Mid-Ohio Foodbank in its mission to help feed the needy in Central Ohio.”
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NuGrowth Community Prepares Mexican Feast for Guests at Ronald McDonald House

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NuGrowth Community Members give back to greater Columbus by serving meal at Ronald McDonald House

Company outreach event culminates yearlong fundraising efforts, offers guests chance to enjoy a meal together in a place that feels like home.

NuGrowth Community, the philanthropic arm of Strategic Insurance Software and its parent company NuGrowth Solutions  continued their annual tradition of visiting and preparing a meal for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio (RMHC) by holding a Mexican Feast on December 14, 2013.

Using funds raised by NuGrowth Solutions through events including bake sales and cornhole tournaments, employees were able to follow up the Ohio State themed cookout and chicken and potato dinners held in 2011 and 2012 with a Mexican Feast featuring a full-service taco bar featuring meat, veggie, and dessert stations.
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