Getting to Know You: How to Find a Real Partner for Increasing Sales

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Outsourcing is becoming more common in the business development world – from software development to content creation, and more, savvy agencies are turning to outsourced partners and increasing sales. Statistics show:

  • 57% of companies leveraged outsourced work to increase productivity
  • Outsourcing can increase overall productivity by up to 100 times
  • Those who outsource save around 60% of overall business costs
  • Almost 80% of companies that outsource say they feel optimistic about their outsourced partnership

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Virtual Events – Harnessing this New Business Development Tool Beyond 2020

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The year 2020 has undoubtedly been a time to test out new business development strategies. One area that experienced significant disruption is tradeshow and event outreach. Those who relied on in-person events to gain new business and make connections found themselves forced to reimagine future strategies.

If events were part of your business development plan, you’re not alone in experiencing disruption. The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) cited 79% of events went virtual in 2020, and virtual meeting platform Microsoft Team reported a record 44 million users per day in March 2020. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic forced their hand to accelerate plans around virtual events that were already in the works. Read More


How Does Your Business Development CRM Rank?

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You want your business development team to be in top shape. That’s why you invest time, effort, and funds into strategizing and perfecting your operations, striving for the most efficient and effective processes. To achieve this goal, you apply assessments – performance goals for your sales reps and KPI reporting to test strategies – but how do you assess your business development CRM? Read More