It’s Time to Hire Performance-Based Outsourced Sales Reps

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Business Development Outreach, Sales as a Service

The role of a sales rep has shifted over the past 5-10 years and continues to change today. What once centered around phone calls and handshakes has changed with growing demands and increased complexity in the sales process.

In the last year alone, almost 60% of companies surveyed reported higher sales rep turnover than before. With this high turnover and a growing need for better quality candidates, savvy sales managers are looking at other ways to grow their pipeline.

Many are looking into targeted, performance-based outsourced sales reps as a viable option.

What is a performance-based outsourced sales rep?

Outsourced sales reps are individuals who work for an outsourced sales company and are hired to improve specific points in their client’s sales pipeline. The “performance-based” part of these reps means a significant portion of their compensation is based on their performance. The more business a performance-based rep brings in, the better they’ll be compensated for their performance.

Why hire outsourced reps?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a performance-based outsourced rep team. Some include:

  1. Hire only for what you need. You can decide what part of the sales funnel you want outsourced reps to attack. Let your inside team work on their strengths (i.e., closing sales) while an outsourced team bridges your gaps (i.e., generating new leads)
  2. Gain the KPIs you need. Outsourced teams don’t just come by themselves; they bring top-of-the-line training and tools to build out KPI insights in your industry, creating targeted buyer personas and go-to-market campaigns with their data.
  3. Expand to new markets. Suppose you’re looking to gain insights into your current market or test the waters in expanding to a new area. In that case, outsourced reps are ideal for acquiring the data you need to understand which markets work and which strategies to employ.
  4. Get senior reps with no investment needed. Outsourced reps are guaranteed to have one of the best resumes you’ve seen; they go into the outsourced business because of their winning track record. You get senior sales reps without needing to invest in training or pay a high-premium salary and benefits.
  5. Hit the ground running. These senior reps can get to work right away. No waiting on training or giving time to gain experience. They’re ready to dive right in to whatever you need on day one.
  6. Don’t worry about disruption or turnover. Outsourced sales reps are committed to you and the job at hand. They won’t need to take time off or burn out. These senior reps know the job and they’re committed to seeing it through.
  7. Get a partner in your success. Performance-based reps get paid when you bring in business. They cost less than a full-time hire and are more committed due to their singular focus on gaining or growing your businesss leads.

What signals an excellent outsourced partner?

As with any provider or partner you hire, you need to do your due diligence first. There are some common tells to look for when hiring an outsourced partner:

  • Success stories from past clients
  • Proven sales process they can easily outline, with data to support it
  • Quality, ongoing training, and mentorship for all reps
  • Experience in your industry
  • Top-of-the-line tools and the expertise to customize them for your needs
  • Detailed data collection and application
  • Attitude towards partnership and collaboration

One area that you should avoid focusing on is price. Too often, businesses will go for the lowest-cost partner, only to find they aren’t getting the expertise, tools, and strategy they need. A quality outsourced sales partner will pay for itself many times over.

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