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NuGrowth Sales as a Service proven Outreach Cadence for successful Business Development

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Selecting the right cadence is essential for successful business development. Too many attempts in a short period can butcher your brand and come off as  pestering. Not enough attempts, then you can miss opportunities due to not having the professional persistence to earn the conversation. On average, it can take over nine calls before making contact so having a call cadence that increases responses is essential to limiting the chase. At NuGrowth Sales as a Service, we have one proven call cadence to increase contact rates, meeting activity, and inbound email responses that decreases the time it takes from call to opportunity.
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Connect Through Discovery

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The best sales teams have learned that to make it in this buying environment, discovery is critical. Often, companies have a sales pitch or product demo lined up for the first meeting with their potential buyer. This is a massive (and common) mistake.

The first thing your buyer needs to know about your company is that you can be trusted. Beyond that, once you have established a relationship with the buyer you have the chance to guide him through the sales cycle.

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An Insider’s Guide to Sales Funnel Management

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Unlike a real funnel, sales funnel management takes more than gravity to move leads. Defined stages and effective processes are required to push deals through. As a sales insider, I’ve encountered sales processes that work – and those that don’t. In this article, I’ll share my experience, offering tips on how to make your sales funnel management predictable and manageable.
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8 Steps to Improving Your Sales Territory Management

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We all enjoy a good road trip. However, the way of the road trip has changed significantly. In the past, a map planned your route. Today, GPS and smartphones make your trip more efficient, helping you avoid traffic and other problems that could sidetrack your progress. These advances make it easier to get where you’re going.

The same applies to improving sales territory management.  Large volumes of uncustomized calls to prospects is ineffective and a thing of the past. If you want to get where you are going with GPS-like precision, you need to take the time to plan and use updated sales tactics. The best sales teams know this and work strategically to implement targeted, buyer-centric territory management plans.

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6 Best Practices for Sales Pipeline Management

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A recent Forbes study showed 63 percent of executives feel their business has “ineffective” sales pipeline management. Such a staggering number reveals pipeline mismanagement as an all too common issue. This is alarming considering pipeline efficiency plays a critical role in a successful sales operation. The consequences of poor pipeline management are huge – how can your team avoid them?

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7 Tips to Improve Your Sales Management Process

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If sales (read revenue) is at the heart of your business, your sales management process is what keeps it beating. To keep the pipeline flowing, this process must be in constant, efficient motion.

Some have tried quick tricks to improve their sales management processes, infusing funds or focusing on individual sales reps for fast results. However, these methods only produce a flash in the pan. Lasting change requires an in-depth look at your sales process and its team culture. These tips will help you examine your sales management process and team dynamic for permanent improvement. Read More