NuGrowth Sales as a Service proven Outreach Cadence for successful Business Development

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Email Marketing, Lead Management, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips, Territory Management

Selecting the right cadence is essential for successful business development. Too many attempts in a short period can butcher your brand and come off as  pestering. Not enough attempts, then you can miss opportunities due to not having the professional persistence to earn the conversation. On average, it can take over nine calls before making contact so having a call cadence that increases responses is essential to limiting the chase. At NuGrowth Sales as a Service, we have one proven call cadence to increase contact rates, meeting activity, and inbound email responses that decreases the time it takes from call to opportunity.

Choosing the right Cadence matters

How unique is your outreach and messaging from the competition? Is every attempt different or are you saying the same thing over and over again? It’s crucial to diversify what you say, how you say it and clearly define the “you benefit” statements prospects hear so they know what’s in it for them by replying to your voicemail or email. Some things to consider – timing, LinkedIn, follow up emails with every voicemail left. It’s going to take several touches before you have a conversation and even more to set a meeting. Take these things into consideration when you’re setting up your scripts and next steps, and you will be successful!


Prospects are way more likely to reply to your email than they are to return your call.

Just as you have a script for calls, you should also have a script in place for emails. You wouldn’t make a bunch of monotone phone calls so don’t do this through email either. If you’re sending out emails, personalize them first. The prospect will open your email and think “What’s in it for me?” make sure you’ve answered this and incorporated a strong call-to-action that will allow them to get more information and learn more about what you offer and why they should care.


The most common outreach practice is a single call and voicemail followed by a bunch of emails. Don’t do this. Each voicemail attempt should have a unique approach that helps develop the relationship further. Have genuine curiosity. Call out a prospects role and ask for their opinion. Be willing to share something with them that could potentially impact their role. Also, let them know you will be sending out an email and encourage them to reply to it.

Test and Analyze

Once you’ve chosen the right cadence, keep track of your CRM – where you’re making the most contact by attempt, where you’re getting the most interest and inbound email replies. Analyzing results can become critical after one to three months of initiation. It’s vital that you track your results along the way and compare which attempts are not performing well so that you can modify the messaging.

Partner Effectively

There’s a lot of clutter out there on outreach cadences – ours has been tested and works across multiple industries.

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