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Increase Click-Through Rates to Increase Conversations

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A revealing metric used to measure the success of any email marketing campaign is an email’s click-through rate. Click-throughs from email marketing campaigns are a proven way to increase meaningful sales conversations for your business development team. It is one of the proven ways to increase phone conversations with prospects. Getting better at getting click-throughs can have a direct impact on net new conversations in market.

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Six Tips for More Effective Lead Management

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In sales, a lead is defined as a “potential sales contact.” But what constitutes “potential?”

Depending who you talk to, “potential contact” can be anything from a purchased name in a database to someone who filled out a web form, replied to an email blast, or dropped their card in the fishbowl at a trade show.

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Building Relationships with Lead Nurturing

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The first time you talk to a lead, you get all the introductions out of the way, learn the important basic information about the lead’s company, and share what your company does. The next time you talk to that lead, you skip over the introductions and run a sales call tailored to what you now know about that lead.

You need to market the same way: Don’t send generic marketing messaging to prospects that you know. Send them messaging targeted to their needs. This kind of marketing is called “lead nurturing.”
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NuGrowth Releases New e-Guide: Why and How to Turn Your B2B Website into an Effective Sales Tool

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eGuide: Turn Your B2B Website into an Effective Sales Tool Did you know that, on average, customers contact a sales rep after they have independently completed about 60% of the purchasing decision process?

Technology has changed, and so have buyer behaviors. That’s why, although a strong sales team is as important as it ever was, a good digital marketing effort built on the foundation of a “sales optimized” website is becoming more and more essential.
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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring to Boost Sales

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Whether you’re working in construction or sales, every job has tools of the trade. The tools a sales team uses are different than the tools a construction team uses, but in both cases, you need to have the best tools to do the job right. You need to make sure lead scoring is in your tool belt.

Lead scoring lets you spend more time talking to people who have shown interest in your organization and less time dialing out of the phone book. Lead scoring gives you better leads to call, resulting in better calls and more closes.
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NuGrowth Solutions and Act-On Software Host Joint Webinar on Lead Scoring

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NuGrowth Solutions and marketing automation partner Act-On hosted an educational webinar on February 18, 2014 discussing the groundbreaking techniques they are using to drive and cultivate leads for their clients and educating viewers on how to turn their websites into lead marketing machines. Topics covered include: methods for increasing lead quality, understanding lead interactions, and driving lead conversion to revenue.
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Lead Scoring

Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring

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Digital marketing is easy, right?  Make something, put it online, people sign up and buy. Sorry to disappoint.  It is, in fact, a complicated mix of strategy tactics and execution. It is both an art and a science.  An art, in that to be successful one needs to be able to craft quality content that “educates, entertains and delights” the reader.  A science in that you need to be able to identify buyer attributes, strategically target your messaging, analyze the data, and know when a lead is qualified (a.k.a. “sales ready”) and when it is, in fact, just a lead that needs to be nurtured for it to turn into something more. Lead scoring plays a big part when and how to make that determination.
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