7 Tactic Groups for Successful Business Development

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Tactic Groups

Your customer’s world is busier, noisier, and more distracting than ever, with less than 2% of cold calls resulting in a meeting. Also the last time we checked, no one is raising their hand saying, “I love taking sales calls, more please.” What’s the best way to not sound like a solicitor?

NuGrowth’s Tactic Groups approach is a sales strategy that allows your business development team to improve meeting set rates by mastering the hello. By using Tactic Groups, reps are trained to apply introduction messages that can spell the difference between holding a profitable conversation and hearing a “click.”

Successfully leveraging the Tactic Groups will allow you to triple industry averages for KPI’s but it does require you to have the right data as well as the right content.

We look forward to sharing more information on Tactic Groups with clients in 2018. For now, here are some examples on how to make the purpose for your call sound more genuine when introducing yourself.

Location Proximity

The first Tactic Group is location proximity—clients in the same area as your business. Simply letting a prospect know that you are nearby is often enough to build rapport and encourage contacts to feel more open to share information. The potential for on-sites and face to face meetings also increases your probability of doing business.

A sample introductory message: “I’m reaching out because I noticed we’re not too far down the road from you, and was curious to learn more about your organization…”

Competitor Outreach

Everyone has an opinion, and most people are more than willing to share theirs. Asking for your contact’s opinion of their current vendor is a great way to start a dialogue, and any expressed frustration can often lead to a side-by-side comparison that enables you to feature the benefits of your product or service.

A sample introductory message: “I’m reaching out because, as I understand it, you’re using Competitor X and I was hoping to get your opinion…”

Lost Opportunities and Past Customers

Revisiting lost opportunities and previous customers can be an effective tactic, provided you are able to deliver something new and exciting for them to consider. The goal is simply to give them a reason to speak with the team again.

A sample introductory message: “I understand you worked with Steve about 8 months ago in regards to our service offering: I’m reaching out to see if there are any new updates on your end, and to see if you would be interested in hearing about some recent changes…”

Client Proximity

This Tactic Group is similar to location proximity, in that it relies on geographical location to open the door to conversation. Done right, this can be even more effective: successful relationships with nearby companies provide powerfully persuasive social proof. This strategy leverages your all-star clients to sell for you.

A sample introductory message: “I’m reaching out because we work with Client X, not too far from you, and wanted to see if you’d be interested in learning how we’ve been able to help them improve their production capacity by 85%.”

Trade Shows and Other Events

Events are excellent opportunities to rub shoulders with contacts and start conversations—but waiting until the event is often too late. Finding a slow day or unoccupied hour at the event is a great opportunity to schedule a time to connect.

A sample introductory message: “As I understand, you will be attending the trade show next week. Is that right? I wanted to reach out and see if you’d be interested in connecting with our team while you’re out there.”

Website and Marketing Interaction

Contacts who repeatedly interact with your website should be followed up with, as their activity indicates an interest in your services. If you can track clients who interact with the site, your team is in an excellent position to provide additional information they might find useful: setting the stage for reciprocation and positive conversations. Of course, this requires you to use a marketing automation system like Act-On that can record the on-site activity of your database.

A sample introductory message: “I’m reaching out because I noticed you were on our site, looking at our Technology Services page, and I was curious if you had any questions regarding those services…”

Top Accounts

If you’ve pinpointed any organizations as ideal clients, simply acknowledging their importance can open the door to productive meetings. Strategically downplaying your role as a business development executive—instead positioning yourself as a schedule coordinator setting up a call with your executive team—is a good way to communicate that your team is genuinely interested in a mutually beneficial conversation.

A sample introductory message: “I’m reaching out on behalf of John Doe at XYZ Solutions to set up some time to talk. Our leadership team feels you would be an ideal client, as we have helped similar organizations improve customer satisfaction…”

Partner Effectively

Refining your sales process is a never-ending job. For more information how to implement Tactic Groups or other NuGrowth messaging methodologies, give us a call at 800.966.3051 or fill out our simple contact form.

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Author: Kyle Tillar

Kyle Tillar works to ensure that clients’ target goals are reached and that the inside sales team is meeting objectives. Kyle is able to leverage his sales expertise and extensive training to help inside sales executives advance their career development and achieve client commitments.