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NuGrowth Sales as a Service proven Outreach Cadence for successful Business Development

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Selecting the right cadence is essential for successful business development. Too many attempts in a short period can butcher your brand and come off as  pestering. Not enough attempts, then you can miss opportunities due to not having the professional persistence to earn the conversation. On average, it can take over nine calls before making contact so having a call cadence that increases responses is essential to limiting the chase. At NuGrowth Sales as a Service, we have one proven call cadence to increase contact rates, meeting activity, and inbound email responses that decreases the time it takes from call to opportunity.
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Work Smarter: 10 Territory Management Tips

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thumbnail_Work_Smarter_1555x655A high quality plan will:

  • Help your sales team have effective call lists
  • Increase KPI’s
  • Bring more purpose to outreach
  • Increase speed and progression through data

While it is easy to realize that you need a good territory management plan, it can be difficult to craft a plan that you are confident will achieve desired sales results. A great vacation itinerary is the same way. You do not want to waste your time or miss out on great opportunities.

NuGrowth’s latest infographic, Work Smarter: 10 Territory Management Tips for Increased Sales Productivity, is your guide to creating a plan that will achieve your sales goals. It draws on vast training and expertise to turn our insights about territory management into 10 clear helpful steps.

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8 Steps to Improving Your Sales Territory Management

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We all enjoy a good road trip. However, the way of the road trip has changed significantly. In the past, a map planned your route. Today, GPS and smartphones make your trip more efficient, helping you avoid traffic and other problems that could sidetrack your progress. These advances make it easier to get where you’re going.

The same applies to improving sales territory management.  Large volumes of uncustomized calls to prospects is ineffective and a thing of the past. If you want to get where you are going with GPS-like precision, you need to take the time to plan and use updated sales tactics. The best sales teams know this and work strategically to implement targeted, buyer-centric territory management plans.

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6 Essential Go-To-Market Strategy Components for Business Development Success

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We look for efficiency and effectiveness in all we do: our morning routine, our route to work, even our trips to the grocery store. We stick with these drilled-down processes because they deliver us the results we need, in the shortest amount of time. They’re predictable – time and again they come through just as we expected and desired.

Your business development needs such a predictable process: a go-to-market (GTM) strategy that will yield quick, quality results time and again. This action plan is a start-to-finish process for getting your product or service to market in an impactful way. A successful GTM plan employs these essential components:

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Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

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Business Development Strategy

Throughout history, military and political leaders have used a strategy of divide and conquer to attack more efficiently, overtake nations and win political office–breaking the path to their objective into smaller chunks and knocking down their opponents one by one.

Business leaders have also used the divide and conquer strategy–dividing large projects into manageable tasks to move a project forward with pace and purpose.

Families have even used divide and conquer when trying to get household chores done in a timely manner.

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CEOs of their Territories?

Are Your Sales Representatives the CEOs of their Territories?

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Are your sales representatives the CEOs of their territories? Do they posses the right combination of vision and attention to detail? More importantly, have they been given the tools and the systems necessary to empower them to succeed?

If the answer to those questions is “no,” the next question is “Why not?”… Quickly followed by “What will it take to get them there?” Read More

Territory Management

Territory Management

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Territory management is the development and implementation of a selling strategy that defines the plan and purpose for systemically covering your territory or accounts.

Done right, it is a wide scale plan that pulls together multiple facets of your organization in a unified effort to drive new business growth, enhance the productivity of your sales reps, improve sales coverage, streamline your organizational selling procedures and create a structure for performance measurement. For organizations looking for repeatability and scalability it’s an absolute necessity. Read More