Business Development Outreach

Business Development Outreach

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When partnering with NuGrowth we will assign a team of dedicated outreach members that go to market as your brand. In addition to the outreach team our Sales as a Service (SaaS) offering comes with a Sales Mentor, Sales Manager, Sales Support, Sales Enablement team, Marketing Planner, and executive oversight to ensure we are effective in market on your behalf.

Our first priority is to understand the industries, company profiles and buyer personas that are an ideal fit for your product or service. Once we have documented your target audience, we will then begin a database audit to ensure we have a healthy database of companies and contacts to pursue to achieve the desired results. NuGrowth has the ability to add new data in addition to cleaning up the data that currently exists in your CRM to ensure we have accurate direct dials and email addresses. Our other onboarding phases include a detailed Content Audit, Sales Execution Plan research documentation, Go to Market Messaging, and Infrastructure set up.

Before going live in market, we will analyze which of our 14 Tactic Groups we feel will produce the highest KPI’s regarding contact rates, response rates, meeting set rates, and pipeline conversion. This allows us to be fast to market on your behalf and bring pipeline velocity immediately. NuGrowth’s proprietary Tactic Groups and Outreach Cadence are core reasons we are able to achieve KPI’s that are much higher than industry benchmarks for business development and inside sales.

Clients are provided weekly and monthly reports on which strategies and buyer personas are producing the highest KPI’s as well as detailed market feedback on what prospects are communicating regarding their interest for your product or service and their appetite for change. Every activity is logged and recorded so we may provide absolute transparency on what’s working and where we may need to pivot.

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Fast Facts


Business Development Fast Facts

One of our long-term clients described the relationship as such: “It is not as though we stopped doing business development when we hired NuGrowth—what we do with them is an add-on. I like to talk about it in football terms. They are out there starting at the goal line and moving the ball up the field from the zero to the forty-yard line. From the forty to the next forty we move the ball together, then our internal team brings it into the end zone. Throughout it all, we remain in control. There may be a lot of specialty players, but there is still one quarterback.”

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