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Making Marketing Automation Work for Your Outsourced Sales Campaign

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An Infusionsoft Small Business Marketing Trends Report recently showed that 43% of businesses with in-house marketing say their efforts are ineffective. What’s holding them back from transforming their outreach efforts into sales? In many cases, it’s a lack of planning around the marketing and sales connection, especially for those leveraging an outsourced sales campaign. One tool can bring both together: marketing automation.

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7 Reasons Why your Marketing Automation Tool is not Producing the Results you Want

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“The best thing about marketing automation from a sales perspective is that it leads to increased conversation rates for the sales team,” says Jeff Tillar, NuGrowth’s Director of Business Development. In fact, NuGrowth has proven repeatedly through our sales and marketing efforts that you are at least 30% more likely to have a conversation with someone that has engaged with content or your website as tracked through the marketing automation system.

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How to Map Your Sales & Marketing Activities to the Buyer Journey (And More)

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Sales and MarketingOur blog post, Marketing Automation: Helping Bring Sales and Marketing Together, hit the high points on why and how sales and marketing need to work together to be effective—and the role marketing automation plays in making that happen. Our latest eGuide takes that discussion further, demonstrating how by working in unison, these two disciplines can optimize sales performance and build a scalable sales machine.

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3 Benefits of Marketing Automation Integration

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How connecting CRM with Marketing Automation Drives your pipeline

It is a fantastic time to be in sales and marketing. Creative, hard-working professionals have access to new tools to find the right buyers, and new options to connect with them. More than ever, technology allows brands to have meaningful conversations with people in need of their services.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Automation software are two of the most important tools available. Equipping a talented sales and marketing team with these two tools is a great start in creating an effective, agile marketing organization. When these two tools work together, your team can reach prospects at every stage of the sales pipeline to increase pipeline velocity and scale your business faster.

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5 CRM Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Lessons gathered from over 65 salesforce implementations

By now, most B2B sales executives have heard of the tremendous advantages afforded by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of CRM in today’s data-driven B2B marketplace. At NuGrowth, CRM is the central point of integration between our sales and marketing teams.  We have implemented CRM for over 65 clients in dozens of industries. In doing so, we’ve found that CRM maximizes the impact of marketing while empowering sales executives to work efficiently.

Nevertheless, some companies never experience the full potential of CRM. Frustrated, they conclude that CRM doesn’t deliver results. In our experience, CRM only fails to deliver value when it is not implemented and managed correctly. Fortunately, this can be avoided with anticipation, strategy, and hard work. Plan for success by familiarizing yourself with common pitfalls related to CRM.

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Is Marketing Automation Really Worth It?

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Anyone who has ever searched the web to for insight how to increase leads through digital marketing or on whether marketing automation is “really worth it” has probably landed on Act-On’s blog post, 87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats.  If not that post specifically, you’ve probably landed on a spin off, posted on one of the many marketing firms who have reposted, retweeted, or blogged about the stats.

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Insiders Guide to SaaS Marketing

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Connecting the Dots & increasing CAC Ratio with Marketing Automation

Asked, “what is the single most effective metric for a SaaS business?” Dharmash Shah, Co-founder and CEO of SaaS giant, Hubspot replied, “One of the metrics we track most maniacally at HubSpot is the LTV:CAC ratio (life-time-value:customer-acquisition-cost)… As a rule of thumb, I think that the LTV:CAC needs to be 3 or higher to build a successful SaaS business in the long-term.”
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The missing link: why CRM integration is essential for content marketing success

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Implementing content marketing is one of the key initiatives of many businesses in 2015. Organizations who aren’t doing it know that they should be, while many organizations that are doing it wonder if they are doing it right. The musing of where a CRM system fits into the marketing plan is not as prevalent, but to strategize effectively, it should be. CRM is a key factor to launching, measuring, and adapting a successful content marketing campaign.

A CRM system done right will allow you to deliver highly targeted messages and content to exactly the right people, with a voice that is tailored to them. Your CRM can gather the information that is critical to understanding a campaign that works. And it is the place where you deliver the best result of any content marketing campaign—NEW LEADS.
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