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Top Salesforce Support Needs: Actuate Your Development Data

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Bad data leads to bad development decisions. We all know this to be true. Stats like 40% of businesses failing due to inaccurate data, and almost 30% of sales rep time wasted on bad data signal the dangers of bad data loud and clear. While poor data points are a bad actor in development data failure, data collection and processing are also at fault. And all three are a major trigger in Salesforce support.

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Maximizing Salesforce with NuGrowth Accelerator: Six Features to Increase Sales Pipeline

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Salesforce has long been regarded as the king of CRM. Yet, too often, sales reps leverage Salesforce for pipeline and customer outreach only. With disciplined processes in place, Salesforce can be powerful in prospecting and business development.

Enter the NuGrowth Accelerator: a plug and play tool designed specifically for business development teams. This innovative tool allows teams to segment prospect data into multiple Go-To-Market strategies with optimized workflows guaranteed to increase contact rates. It also allows inside sales teams to set more meetings and add opportunities to the pipeline faster than traditional outreach methods. We’ve put our years of experience leveraging data for optimized outreach into this one tool.

With NuGrowth Accelerator, business development teams can understand which campaign and what message resonate with which each buyer profile, increasing their success rate once they pick up the phone. Managers can see what campaigns are working and which aren’t, directing activities to the most successful campaigns. This critical strategic action targets the highest KPIs and pipeline conversions to continuously surpass pipeline quotas.

What Can NuGrowth Accelerator Do for Your Business Development Team?

NuGrowth Accelerator comes with a host of features to provide your business with data-driven results to maximize workflows and increase pipeline. With NuGrowth Accelerator your business gains:

  1. Strategic Go-To-Market Campaigns: Segment your prospect lists into four main categories: Net New, Event Based, Re-Engage, and Current Relationships. Equip your team with fourteen Go-To-Market campaigns, each proven more effective than calling a list from A-Z.
  2. Targeted Buyer Persona Profiling: Coach your team on what to say and to whom. Accelerator’s persona profiling taps into pain points, discovery questions, and value propositions by role so you can set more meetings.
  3. Built-in outreach cadence: Accelerator comes equipped with a proven outreach cadence with unique messaging at each attempt to increase contact rates and callbacks.
  4. Streamlined workflow outputs: Allows your team to easily enter data for call results that lead to meaningful reporting.
  5. List Progressions: Understand what lists are being worked and how, and when it’s time to add new data.
  6. Insightful KPI reporting: The faster you can interpret your progress, the faster you can implement change. Accelerator’s flow chart reporting targets the data to show what’s working and what’s not, providing your team with immediate feedback for instant improvement.

All Integrated in Your Existing Salesforce System

Salesforce is already working for you, but NuGrowth Accelerator brings specialization to the front end of the sales journey. We’ve taken our years of experience, resulting in $400 million of pipeline revenue for our customers, and put it into one tool.

Access this plug-and-go pipeline acceleration tool today. Find out more here.


NuGrowth Sales as a Service Takes Advantage of Lightning

NuGrowth Sales as a Service Makes the Switch to the Lightning Experience

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Salesforce, a global CRM leader when it comes to cloud-based software, empowers companies and meets their demand for an integrated and user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) product. The American software company headquartered in San Francisco, California supports various business functions comprising of sales and marketing including our Sales as a Service team. Recently, our SaaS team transitioned from Classic to Lighting, the next generation of Salesforce.

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Building Relationships with Lead Nurturing

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The first time you talk to a lead, you get all the introductions out of the way, learn the important basic information about the lead’s company, and share what your company does. The next time you talk to that lead, you skip over the introductions and run a sales call tailored to what you now know about that lead.

You need to market the same way: Don’t send generic marketing messaging to prospects that you know. Send them messaging targeted to their needs. This kind of marketing is called “lead nurturing.”
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Lead Follow-up Best Practices

Lead Follow-up Best Practices

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To further prove that timing really is everything, you need to make sure that you follow up on inbound leads quickly. How fast? The Harvard Business Review study found that follow-up phone calls made within five minutes of the lead filling out a form were 80% more likely to be successful than a follow-up phone call just five minutes later.

You need to act swiftly because your prospects are moving fast, too. If a prospect fills out a form on your site, you can bet you aren’t the only site they’ve visited today. That prospect has also probably visited (and maybe filled out forms on) all of your competitor’s sites as well. Promptly calling prospects will enable you to beat your competitors to the punch.
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Qualifying Your Leads

Qualifying Your Leads

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Knowledge is power… but access to knowledge is even more important. Even if your sales team is asking the important questions to your prospects, what happens to the information they gather? Does it just exist in notes written down on a piece of paper or typed into a word doc? If so, that knowledge is being under-utilized.  It should be delivering much more value to your organization.

You need a formalized lead qualification process to make sure your sales team gathers the right information and turns it into actionable data that can be used to help you sell. To effectively implement lead qualification, you need to build the right fields in your CRM and train your sales team to use it properly. 
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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring to Boost Sales

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Whether you’re working in construction or sales, every job has tools of the trade. The tools a sales team uses are different than the tools a construction team uses, but in both cases, you need to have the best tools to do the job right. You need to make sure lead scoring is in your tool belt.

Lead scoring lets you spend more time talking to people who have shown interest in your organization and less time dialing out of the phone book. Lead scoring gives you better leads to call, resulting in better calls and more closes.
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