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How Does Your Business Development CRM Rank?

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You want your business development team to be in top shape. That’s why you invest time, effort, and funds into strategizing and perfecting your operations, striving for the most efficient and effective processes. To achieve this goal, you apply assessments – performance goals for your sales reps and KPI reporting to test strategies – but how do you assess your business development CRM? Read More


Who is Managing Your Salesforce and Sales Data? And Who Should be Managing It

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It’s the day before the big meeting with investors, and you need critical data from your system, but you can’t figure out how to find it. You call the support line, but it will take hours to get them up to speed on your issues. Months and years of work are stuck. Your team is frazzled. You’re frustrated. And it looks like you have a long day of drugging up sales data ahead. Read More


Essential Elements of Your Business Development CRM

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I am lucky to work closely with our clients to align their goals with our custom sales as a service solutions. However, a recurring roadblock we hit in these discussions is effective business development CRM usage. Many tell me they tried a CRM, but the results weren’t worth the effort. Or, they’re wary of implementing a new system and tackling the perceived complexity, seeing it as more trouble than its worth. Read More


Crafting Salesforce for Sales Enablement

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During this unprecedented moment in history, most businesses have seen a slow in operations due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. This forced slowdown provides a unique opportunity to take a look into your development strategy, analyzing data, and identifying gaps and opportunities to pivot. As we wait to see what the future holds, gathering those insights to pivot is more critical now than ever. 

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Top Salesforce Support Needs: Actuate Your Development Data

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Bad data leads to bad development decisions. We all know this to be true. Stats like 40% of businesses failing due to inaccurate data, and almost 30% of sales rep time wasted on bad data signal the dangers of bad data loud and clear. While poor data points are a bad actor in development data failure, data collection and processing are also at fault. And all three are a major trigger in Salesforce support.

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