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Increase Click-Through Rates to Increase Conversations

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A revealing metric used to measure the success of any email marketing campaign is an email’s click-through rate. Click-throughs from email marketing campaigns are a proven way to increase meaningful sales conversations for your business development team. It is one of the proven ways to increase phone conversations with prospects. Getting better at getting click-throughs can have a direct impact on net new conversations in market.

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How great content speeds the sales cycle

How Great Content Speeds the Sales Cycle

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Great content helps your buyer to a make a well-informed decision about your product in less time and with more confidence. Content that applies to your potential buyer clarifies options and liberates them to move forward in the buying process with ease. As they move seamlessly from one step to the next, the sales cycle naturally becomes faster.

Kyle Tillar, our Vice President of Sales as a Service speaks to the power of great messaging as it relates to sales, “When content is matched to our buyer, we see a tremendous uptick in our ability to engage in conversation and support them with the information they need.”. Read More

8 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Boost Customer Retention

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How to execute content marketingThe statistics showing the importance of content marketing in customer retention are staggering. According to the Harvard Business Review, retaining just 5% more customers can boost profits by 100%. Harvard Business Review also found that the single biggest driver for customers to purchase, repurchase, and recommend a product to others was “decision simplicity”— the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product. These statistics show that when customers can gather trustworthy information about a product or service, they commit to it.

Customers are often more engaged in information when they see how it is beneficial to them. That is why it is so important to adhere to the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) rule. Content marketing is non-promotional information created to serve your customer. Statistics show that sending helpful, educational articles, blogs and other information that customers can really benefit from (a.k.a. Content marketing)  plays a substantial role in customer retention. This, in turn, plays a sizable role in an increased bottom line. NuGrowth’s infographic, Customer Retention: The Lesser Known Benefit of Content Marketing, explains this concept.

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4 reasons database health is more important than you think

Four Reasons Why Database Health is More Important than You Think

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To correctly complete any job, you need the best resources from the start. In sales and marketing, one of those resources is your database. This hub of contacts is vital for lead prioritization, outbound calling, targeted marketing, reporting and analytics, and more.

In short, a “good” database is foundational for success. But “good” means more than just having a large list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. After all, a phone book has that, right?

So, what constitutes the definition of “good” as it relates to a database?

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Six Tips for More Effective Lead Management

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In sales, a lead is defined as a “potential sales contact.” But what constitutes “potential?”

Depending who you talk to, “potential contact” can be anything from a purchased name in a database to someone who filled out a web form, replied to an email blast, or dropped their card in the fishbowl at a trade show.

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