Increase Click-Through Rates to Increase Conversations

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Act-On, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, SaaS Marketing

A revealing metric used to measure the success of any email marketing campaign is an email’s click-through rate. Click-throughs from email marketing campaigns are a proven way to increase meaningful sales conversations for your business development team. It is one of the proven ways to increase phone conversations with prospects. Getting better at getting click-throughs can have a direct impact on net new conversations in market.

What is a CTR?

Before we examine ways to increase the click-through rate of your emails, let’s start by defining the basics.

Click-through rate (CTR) is a performance metric which measures the percentage of contacts who opened your email and clicked on the links within the email. A click-through rate indicates the performance, the strengths, and weakness of your email’s call-to-action.

Now, let’s explore some common ways to improve email click-through rates.

3 Tips to Increase CTR

First, know your audience. On average, 13+ promotional emails are hitting the inbox of your contacts daily from various brands, therefore getting to know the habits of your contact list is critical. Are you sending at the times and days most of your contacts are likely to read your email? Review trends from past emails and analyze any patterns or habits.

Second, write short and creative subject lines. Before readers can respond to your email, they need to open it! The words you choose for your email subject lines will have a significant impact on whether your contact will open your email. Having a subject line that asks a question is a great way to focus your readers’ attention and peak their curiosity.  Also, including a sense of urgency can help improve your email open rate. Be creative, but not too creative – make sure your subject line is aligned with the messaging in your email.

Congrats! Your email was opened, now it’s time to give your readers’ something worthy of a click. When writing email copy, use a clear call to actions and provide multiple places within the email for the reader to click on the links you provide. Using wording like – click here, register now, learn more tells the reader precisely the action they should take. Never assume the reader is going to make any action unless you tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Increasing click-through rates isn’t tied to a single tactic instead, it’s a combination of different tactics and strategies. Measuring your results will tell you what’s working and what’s not. More often than not, you will have to adjust your copy, call to actions, and subject lines before finding the perfect combination.

Partner Effectively

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