Is the Content Marketing Journey Worth Taking?

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Content Marketing

We live in a world of instant results. With the simple click of a button, we can get what we want, how we want it—anytime, anywhere. Phrases like “buy it now,” “two-day shipping,” and “on-demand” are no longer a perk, but a standard option. Customers expect an amazing product or service with an even more amazing price, and they want it NOW.

The demand for instant gratification has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives, and created a culture of impatience that is impacting business decisions—for better or for worse.

In the realm of content marketing, usually for worse.

Why? Because when it comes to content marketing, patience is a not only a virtue, but a necessity. Simply put, content marketing is a journey. The process of moving customers from awareness to conversion requires both time and dedicated effort.

All too often, companies put the brakes on content marketing efforts simply because they aren’t getting the instant gratification they are used to and jump to the hasty conclusion that their efforts are not paying off.

While it can be challenging to continue dedicating resources to initiatives that do not yield quick results, commitment is the key to maximizing your return on investment.

Here are a few tips to help you make your content marketing journey a worthwhile one.

Set and Agree on Goals

Mismatched goals are the fastest route to campaign failure. Before you take a single step on your content journey, gain agreement from everyone involved on what a successful campaign looks like. Establish smaller, short-term goals that lead you down the path to your larger goal. Be sure the goals are practical, specific and measureable.

Manage Expectations

Know that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Weeks, months and even years after initial publication, compelling content leads to improved search rankings, increased web traffic, higher quality leads and, ultimately, increased sales. Building realistic expectations up front will help avoid disappointment in the early stages of your journey.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to content marketing, more is not always better. While it is important to stay top of mind by consistently creating and publishing content, it is even more important to provide real value that positions your company as a trusted authority in the industry. Sometimes, slowing down is the best way to reach your destination faster.

Promote Far and Wide

“Build it and they will come” is not a phrase typically associated with content marketing. A successful journey requires more than simply developing content, you must also promote it to reach the largest audience possible. With all the content available online, it can be challenging to stand out. To boost your content marketing ROI, publish your pieces broadly, share them widely on social media, and regularly distribute them via email.

Revisit Past Content

Repurposing content is great way to take a few shortcuts on your journey. Increase content production, reach a broader audience, and maximize your budget by re-imagining, reformatting and reusing your content in multiple ways.

Establish a System of Measurement

To evaluate if your content marketing journey is moving you closer to your goals, you must first measure how your content is performing. In turn, to effectively measure the performance, you must establish what metrics to track (i.e. consumption, sharing, lead generations, or sales) and how to track them (i.e. CRM, marketing automation reports, spreadsheet, etc.). Spend a little time planning the “what” and “how” before you begin your journey to stay on right path.

Practice Patience

As previously mentioned, content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, but the payoff is worth the investment. Be certain to allow enough time to build trust and form the relationships required to trigger a response. A great content marketing campaign requires time to plan, develop, execute, and drive results.

The bottom line is this… for those who can set aside the need for instant gratification and focus on their long-term goals, the content marketing journey is worth taking.

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Traci Warga is a Content Marketing Strategist for NuGrowth Digital who is passionate about helping her clients tell their story, create engaging content, and execute a strategy that drives profitable leads.