How Great Content Speeds the Sales Cycle

by | May 23, 2017 | Content Marketing, Lead Management, Lead Nurturing

Great content helps your buyer to a make a well-informed decision about your product in less time and with more confidence. Content that applies to your potential buyer clarifies options and liberates them to move forward in the buying process with ease. As they move seamlessly from one step to the next, the sales cycle naturally becomes faster.

Kyle Tillar, our Vice President of Sales as a Service speaks to the power of great messaging as it relates to sales, “When content is matched to our buyer, we see a tremendous uptick in our ability to engage in conversation and support them with the information they need.”.

How does this work?

First, it is important to note that different types of content are more effective at different stages in the buyer journey. From interest to consideration it is important to recognize what types of messaging will align with your prospect each step of the way.


This first stage is all about giving the buyer a reason to pay attention. Here, high level educational messaging showing the buyer that they have a problem or that there is a better way to optimize their resources is key. Video content, interesting infographics, survey findings, blogs, or compelling white papers work well at this stage. Once a buyer realizes their need they become more open to how to solve the problem.


Here, the buyer knows that there is a problem or room for improvement, but they do not know the solution. At this point, they need more information about what you can offer them. Sales-oriented messaging that provides proof of your product claims is incredibly valuable to the buyer at this stage. Help the buyer to see that your product is a possible solution for the problem they face. A video testimonial, case study, sell sheet, or a blog that shows thought leadership can be powerful at this stage. Once they have more information, they will be able to think more clearly.


Once your client has become aware of their need, has learned a little bit more about you, and sees that you might be able to help, you have an opportunity on your hands! This stage is where the potential customer begins to genuinely consider if they want to buy. The right content, at this stage, is typically what moves a buyer from feeling hesitant to making a confident buying decision. At this point in the process, well-timed referral calls, promotions, testimonials and differentiated proposal templates help your prospect to see clearly what the next step is.


At this stage, your well-crafted messages have clarified information about your product and have helped your potential buyer to make a confident final decision. Great work! Now, your messaging can be geared towards keeping the conversation going, answering any questions, and helping with any issues that arise. Great newsletters, FAQ pages, buyer’s guides, and direct mail invitations to events can be beneficial here. This is where you get to help your customer to become a fan.

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Paul Fuller

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Paul Fuller is the former President of NuGrowth Digital. Paul has led successful sales and marketing teams for clients ranging from innovative start-ups to enterprises with billions in revenue.