A google search for sales and marketing “tips and tricks” can yield thousands of results. Some highlight a specific piece of technology, while others promise an email template that’s “guaranteed” to get results. While some of these tools and strategies can help, often they’re fleeting or don’t work as a standalone solution.
If my years in sales have taught me one thing, it’s that the most effective strategies are often the most straightforward. These are the top sales best practices we use at NuGrowth that keep delivering year after year.

1.) Get Your Database Right

Contact data is the starting point for any sales campaign. If you start with unreliable, error-ridden, or mismatched data, you set yourself up to fail. A clean, quality database is critical.
The biggest mistake we see is a “one and done” attitude regarding CRMs and contact databases. Sales teams will tell us they cleaned up their database, only for us to find out it was years ago. You need a dedicated person to manage your database, ensure it’s cleaned and updated regularly, and carefully manage data in and out. Discipline is vital.
Beyond the data itself, you also need robust reporting to keep up with the market’s changes. Successful sales teams watch how contacts respond to their outreach and update their personas and segments based on their findings. The information you need is at your fingertips – if you know how to extract it from your CRM system.

2.) Hone Your Messaging and Content

Your go-to-market strategies must be established yet flexible. By that, I mean you need a solid framework for the when and how of your outreach yet leave space to update frequently as the market evolves. Blindly cold-calling numbers simply doesn’t work anymore. Your team needs a plan: a contact cadence, adaptable script for each outreach, and quality content to follow their outreach.
C-suite contacts have different pain points and goals than managers. You need different cadences, scripts, and content for each segment. Adjust what you’re saying based on who you’re talking to, personalizing your messaging to speak directly to their needs.

3.) Invest in Your People

As data quality directly correlates to your campaign successes, who executes your campaigns is also essential to your bottom line—training, mentorship, and culture matter. While you can’t expect every new hire to be a natural-born salesperson, you can give them the tools to succeed regardless of their initial knowledge and experience.
Experienced sales leadership that knows how to manage inside business development teams matters. How to motivate, inspire and recognize goes a long way. Work with your reps to understand who to look for and how to engage them. And recognize achievements. Set goals with your team collectively and individually, shouting them out when they reach and exceed those benchmarks.

Let NuGrowth Bring Our Best Practices to Your Team

If you’re looking at this list and realizing you need help, that’s what we do here at NuGrowth. Our team is fully equipped to plug in and revitalize any area of your sales pipeline that needs support. Whether it’s a CRM audit, sales coaching, and mentorship, or custom go-to-market strategies and content, we’ve got you covered.
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