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Crafting Salesforce for Sales Enablement

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During this unprecedented moment in history, most businesses have seen a slow in operations due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. This forced slowdown provides a unique opportunity to take a look into your development strategy, analyzing data, and identifying gaps and opportunities to pivot. As we wait to see what the future holds, gathering those insights to pivot is more critical now than ever. 

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Bus Dev Team is missing

What Your Business Development Team Has Been Missing

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There are dozens of articles and blog posts out there aimed at improving business development. From new strategies to better workflows, each attempt to hit on that missing ingredient. Though each contains some helpful advice, at times they get lost in the details.

We’ve coached countless business development teams here at NuGrowth and often find the problem isn’t the need to zoom in, but the inability to zoom out on a sales strategy. When we first meet with a team, we start by looking at the big picture, honing in two important factors: pace and purpose.

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Attention Content Marketers: Is your CRM as Detailed as your Personas?

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As an effective content marketer, you have put the time into understanding the characteristics of your audience.  You’ve developed and validated personas. You or your strategist has created an editorial calendar that will knock clients’ socks off. You’ve produced exceptional content. You’ve written targeted messaging to introduce that content. You’ve got a plan to get it out to the masses.

But are you sure your team can effectively execute on your strategy?

Have you closed the reporting gap?

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Writing Right: Using Data to Drive Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing has proven its worth, bringing in three times more leads and costing 62% less than traditional outbound marketing (Hubspot). Despite these stats, a recent NetProspex and Content Marketing Institute whitepaper found that 85% of B2B marketers said they couldn’t connect business value to content. The study went on to find marketers still struggle with the practice, citing “creating content that engages” as a primary content marketing concern (Marketing Data: Vitamin D for Your Content Marketing).

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CRM in the Marketing World: How CRM can help you create strong marketing campaigns

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Creating strong content is not the ultimate element in Content Marketing. Creating and maintaining effective marketing data to target the best possible audience for your campaign is of equal importance. One of the most important tools in a modern marketer’s tool belt is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help you manage this data.

Your CRM is not only your database of record, but it is the place where marketing and sales connect to create actionable data for both the sales and marketing organizations.

Here are different ways that CRM can help you produce a strong campaign:
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