Top 5 Reasons Your Marketing Automation Campaigns Are Failing

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Marketing Automation, Marketing Strategy

On average, a little over half of companies are using marketing automation, many with great success. But, not all. About 33% still consider their marketing automation campaigns to be unsuccessful.

Are you one of these 33% waiting to see results from your marketing automation campaigns? These are a few things that could be holding you back.

1. Your database is outdated, unorganized, or both

If you’re operating with out of date or unorganized data, you’re working with both hands tied behind your back. Successful marketing automation campaigns rely on valuable data. Ensure you’re scrubbing your database regularly and educate your team on how to organize information.

2. You siloed your data

Your sales and marketing data should be shared and continuously build off one another. Your sales team gains data through calls and emails while marketing feeds off online interactions. You need both to create a complete prospect picture. The more information you can gather on a prospect, the better you’ll be able to segment your campaigns to their needs.

3. You aren’t segmenting data

This is a common pitfall for many marketing automation campaigns. The more targeted your campaigns are, the more successful they’ll be. You can target better when your data is segmented better: by industry, buyer persona, and new relationship versus existing relationship, to name a few categories. The more dialed in you can get to the pain points and preferences of the individual receiving the campaign messaging, the higher your success rate.

4. You aren’t analyzing data

Too often, marketing teams work on building and executing a campaign but fail to follow up to see how it’s performing. To know if a campaign is working, you need to look at your data and identify patterns to target what’s working and eliminate what’s not. Which messages are driving open rates, click-throughs, and other responses? Review these high-performing messages to understand what’s driving their success.

5. You’re not making changes

When you analyze results and identify issue areas, make changes. Analyzing results and making adjustments go hand in hand: you need to perform A/B testing to see what’s working and follow up by changing your campaigns to yield results. Successful marketing hinges on iteration and adaptation, and your team should stay poised to improve your campaigns continually.

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