Apple Mail iOS 15 Update: How it Affects Your Email Marketing Campaigns

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Marketing Automation, Marketing Strategy

In late September, Apple announced the release of its iOS 15 update, a seemingly innocuous occurrence. However, this update introduced a new provision allowing Apple mail users to disable email open tracking, called Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). While this is a win for consumer privacy, it poses a challenge for email marketing campaigns across the globe.

Essentially, through MPP, Apple gives its mail users the option to disable all email tracking. Those users include anyone with an Apple mail (.me) address and anyone opening mail through the Apple mail app (i.e., those forwarding Gmail or business email accounts).

With close to one-third of all emails going through Apple’s mail client, this update will affect all email marketers.

What Does the Apple MPP Update Mean for You?

Keep in mind that while this update causes some disruption, it overall benefits consumers by providing extra levels of privacy protection. By allowing them to opt-out of email tracking, Apple mail users are given agency over what information is shared and what is not.

In terms of your organization’s marketing, specifically email marketing campaigns, you should expect to see:

  • A 100% open rate for all mail opened through Apple Mail regardless of whether the user actually opened the email
  • Lack of accurate location information for many Apple Mail users

These changes mean open rate is no longer a reliable metric for most organizations. Apple Mail users can opt-in or out of this feature, but as of now, there is no way to know who in your database does or does not opt-in. This update also affects location tracking, meaning workflows and segments based on location are affected.

What can you do to manage these changes?

What to Do Next

While the MPP update presents challenges, they are not insurmountable. Gather your team to determine how these updates will affect your marketing strategies and data. Some key actions to take include:

  • Shift to rely on other metrics such as click-throughs, page views, unsubscribe rates, and form fills rather than open rates
  • Move to regularly poll your subscribers on what is working and what’s not rather than relying on open rates to let you know if your messaging is successful
  • Audit your segmentation and automation processes to see how they’re affected
  • Update segments that rely on location or open-rate
  • Change workflows that act on “no opens”
  • Adapt your lead scoring to eliminate open rates or location as a factor

Lastly, think about what this update means in terms of what consumers want around privacy and tracking. Data privacy is a significant concern for consumers. How are you considering that in your marketing, products, and services? And how are you communicating your efforts to your customers?

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