[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]We’ve all heard Albert Einstein’s famous quote that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And really… who hasn’t chuckled and thought, “It sure doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out!”

Ironically, however, common sense though it is, that definition of insanity is a trap that most of us have fallen into more than once.

But (cutting us all some slack) sometimes we fall into the insanity trap because the way we are doing it has always worked in the past. Then, while we’re not looking, the rules change… some new technology or piece of equipment is introduced… the marketplace evolves… a new competitor arrives on the scene… and the process that worked so well before is now obsolete, we just haven’t caught on yet.

The time to “catch on” is now

As we indicated in our recent paper The Evolution of The Virtual Sales Model, B2B sales is in a process of transformation

  • Cloud based tools like salesforce.com, Dropbox and GoToMeeting make it possible to work effectively anywhere, any time;
  • The information available on the web enables savvy companies enter the buying cycle far more educated than in years past; and
  • Smart companies are relying on Inside Sales more and more heavily to handle functions that until recently were left to their “more expensive” field counterparts.

New tools, new rules

What many people don’t realize that when a new way of doing comes along that eliminates a prior constraint they need to adapt and create new rules. (i.e. more educated buyers = shorter buying cycles and less need for high priced enterprise reps)

Those who thrive are those who are willing to set aside old paradigms and adopt new ways of doing business.

Old Paradigms
New Paradigms
Inside sales is about nothing more than lead generation and appointment setting. Inside sales is a lower cost, highly effective way to close business and develop and nurture relationships with prospects that could use your service but are not yet in an active buy cycle.
For my data to be secure, it needs to be housed on a server in my office. Why would I limit myself to server based software when I can leverage the flexibility and security of the cloud?   In fact, why would I constrain myself to “my office” for anything.  With good process, structure, management and training a company has a chance of growing.
I could never trust an outsider to run any aspect of my business If I outsource key business functions to a reliable partner I will gain speed-to-market by buying rather than building, reduce cost, and increase operational efficiency.  I’ll also have more available time to focus on core competencies.  At some point, we’re all outsiders until we make a choice to work together.  Then we’re insiders, on the same page, building trust and making good things happen.

When you are ready to stop the insanity and break free of your old paradigms, NuGrowth is here to help.

Because NuGrowth as an organization is 100% focused on new business acquisition, we have the means and the expertise to kick start a productive sales effort more quickly than most. In less than 45 days we can implement a structure, process, methodology and discipline for both sales and marketing.

This includes:

  • Hiring a team,
  • Training,
  • Implementing a CRM tightly integrated with an effective territory management program, and
  • Building all dashboards to measure key metrics every day.