Who’s Watching the Sales Tools? What Integration and Management Can Bring to Your Business Development Strategy

by | Dec 29, 2021 | CRM Management, Sales Enablement, Salesforce

Sales tools are not an answer in themselves. Technology is integral to building your business development strategy, but you need to focus on which tools you use and why. Without any oversight or connection, you can fall into common mistakes like:

  • Selling to the wrong people (i.e., those without the need or authority to make the purchase)
  • Selling features instead of solutions to specific pain points
  • Impersonal, one-size-fits-all outreach

Make tool integration and management a part of your business development strategy to avoid these issues. Someone needs to be watching your sales tools.

Why Sales Tool Integration

Integrating your sales tools brings a host of benefits, not the least of which is making it easier to do more, better. When your various tools synch up, you’re able to improve data and segmentation. The information your email marketing tool gathers is slightly different than what you gain through social media messaging. When you bring it together, you get a better, fuller picture of the market, your customers, and how to hone your sales strategy to hit directly on prospect needs.

Integration also means fewer errors in data processing. The less information you manually enter, the less likely you’ll mistype or put something in the wrong place. This contributes to overall improved data quality.

When all your systems sync together, it’s also easier to train your team. Rather than learning a dozen or so new tools, they can focus on understanding one centralized system.

Why Sales Tool Management

With a sales tool or data management team, you’re able to use the full capacity of each piece of technology. Data management teams have the know-how to customize tools to work best for your business, including personalizing elements like data field naming and dashboard views.

Beyond making your sales tools work their best for you, data management teams also bring essential data management. Someone needs to track your database, ensure it’s up-to-date and error-free, and manage data entry and extraction processes for the best results.

Data extraction is critical here: expert teams can create the reports you need to understand what to do in your sales strategy. This is perhaps the most significant benefit a data management team can bring to your business. The insights you draw from these reports will inform you on your ideal customer, what they want, where to reach them, and what to say. Armed with this information, you’ve got the building blocks to create a winning strategy.

Finally, a skilled sales tool or data management team knows what tools you need and don’t. Plus, their relationships with providers usually come with specialized rates, saving you a lot over building a tech stack on your own.

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