Salesforce Services: Do You Have the CRM Support Partner You Need?

by | Oct 14, 2020 | CRM Management, Salesforce

According to Harvard Business Review, close to 70% of all CRM projects fail. Why? Studies show the majority of users don’t understand key features and give up on the system. How can you get your team to buy in and use the full features of your development tech investment?

A CRM support partner can help set you up for long-term CRM success. With targeted implementation, training, and on-going service, you can be sure to maximize your CRM and activate its development dexterity.

Setting Up Your CRM

The first step in successful CRM use is setting up your systems to serve your business’s needs. Up to 40% of small to medium-sized businesses said they lacked the personnel to correctly set up their CRM. A good CRM partner can implement your CRM with the right resources – setting you up with the capabilities you need and leaving out the ones you don’t. And, they’ll train your team on how to use them, identifying stakeholders in each department to serve as an on-going resource.

A significant part of quality implementation is customization. A CRM partner can set you up with custom reporting, workflows, sales team scorecards, and dashboard views for each sector, rep, manager, and executive in your company. You can also gain integration with web forms, email marketing, and drip campaigns, among other additions.

Refreshing Your System

If you’re past implementation but still have CRM issues, a CRM partner can help you clean up what you’ve already got. Many teams find they have more features than they need, patchworked workflows, and messy data, hindering their CRM’s effectiveness.

A targeted CRM refresh can bring your system back to life, with streamlined workflows, clean data, and targeted dashboards and reporting to meet your needs. If you missed customization in implementation, you can get it now. And, a CRM partner can work to sync marketing automation, accounting, customer service, and other systems with your CRM to maximize efficiency.

Supporting Your CRM

Great implementation and a refresh are key, but they aren’t enough to keep your CRM in top shape. Without on-going admin support, CRM decline is inevitable. Who is maintaining your system?

A CRM partner offers targeted service cloud administration, case management, and support of custom CRM objects. Leverage their services to get dedicated data monitoring and targeted tracking and analysis.

CRM Services from NuGrowth Solutions

As a Salesforce partner for over a decade, the experts at NuGrowth Solutions bring the CRM implementation, refresh, and support services you need to unlock your team’s CRM development potential. And, we focus on integrating your CRM and marketing automation data and systems for powerful development outreach and lead conversion.

We can help you at any stage in your CRM usage, providing targeted, personalized support to unlock your CRM roadblocks.

Discover more about our CRM service offerings. Get in touch at 614.304.3920 or to find out more.