Sales as a Service Development Strategy Essentials: 6 Outreach Cadence Tips

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Lead Generation, Lead Management, Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy, Uncategorized

In all my years working in sales as a service, I frequently encounter the same development outreach issues among clients. One of the most common is an inefficient outreach strategy. Whether it’s contacting too often or too little or issues with messaging or data, many development managers find they’re getting stuck on their initial outreach tactics.

If you’re struggling with your outreach cadence, these top tips can help.

Six Tips to Sharpen Your Development Outreach

  1. Professional Persistence: It’s important not to hit the same target numerous times in a short period. Leave one to two week intervals between each attempt so you’re staying in touch, but not badgering the contact. Each attempt is a critical brand impression – potentially the first brand impression of your company to the prospect – so be sure they’re positive, informative, and focused on customer needs.
  2. Pair calls with email: Whether you talk to the prospect or leave a voicemail, follow-up on these contacts with an email. This makes it easier for your prospect to respond or request additional information. If you do reach voicemail, make it enticing. Each voicemail message is essentially a 30-second commercial to view your email and follow-up.
  3. Diversify Messaging: Bring a unique approach to each call or email. Have scripts for emails and voicemails at each attempt within a particular campaign. Use different persuasion principals at each attempt: link to a blog or article in one and ask if you need to be referred to another individual in the next.
  4. Personalize Messaging: In each message, provide concise, insightful, and personalized information that will resonate with your audience. Call out the individual’s title, company, and other specifics as much as you can and provide content to match their specific needs.
  5. Track All Attempts: Keep track of each outreach in your CRM or another management system. Use this data to determine what works and where you need improvement.
  6. Use Correct Data: This applies both to direct dial and email addresses. Avoid wasting time with an assistant’s voicemail box or bounced email. Ensure you have the right data before you start to keep your outreach on pace.

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