On-Board Better: 4 Keys to Finding the Best Sales as a Service Partner

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Coaching, Sales Strategy, Uncategorized

According to a recent survey, sales as a service (SaaS) providers are growing fast (32% per year) and showing no signs of stopping. While that growth is encouraging, not all SaaS providers are created equal. Some providers merely want to turn a profit. Yet, others strive to serve their clients with lasting strategies, attacking development shortfalls. If you’re in the market for development solutions through SaaS, there are a few key qualities to look for in a provider.

1.) Training and Coaching

The first thing you’ll notice in a quality SaaS provider is their team. Be confident they’re hiring good people and have the skills to train and coach those already on your team. Well-trained salespeople net a 55% higher profit than poorly skilled ones, so skill level and aptitude are especially relevant.

And it’s not just about training your team once. According to Salesforce, there’s a 17% performance difference in sales teams who used coaching and those that don’t. Sales requires lifelong learning, and it’s inevitable mistakes will be made. Great salespeople learn from those mistakes, thanks to mentors coaching them along the way.

2.) Outreach cadence and strategy

Your sales as a service provider should be well-versed in setting up an outreach strategy and contact cadence for your customers. Part of this strategy should include segmenting your audience, creating buyer personas, and establishing custom cadences and content for each.

3.) Outreach content and templates

As part of their outreach strategy, SaaS providers should identify types of content needed for each step along the sales journey and custom content templates for each buyer segment. Targeted content is proven to move customers along the sales journey. And, the more relevant content is to each defined segment, the more effective its impact.

4.) Data tracking and analysis

To improve your development process, you need to know where things are going wrong. Data can show you those spaces. A successful provider not only captures data, but captures meaningful data and analyzes it. These data tracking and analysis processes help you know when leads are sales-ready, pinpoint where prospects drop off and define the sales cycle length for your various audience segments.

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