NuGrowth and Siftrock Announce Partnership

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Digital Marketing


NuGrowth and Siftrock Announce Partnership

Columbus, OH – June, 2016 – NuGrowth Digital is proud to announce its recent partnership with Siftrock, a reply mail management platform. The new relationship connects NuGrowth’s digital marketing capabilities to Siftrock’s email intelligence platform, allowing NuGrowth clients to gather valuable lead information and discover new contacts from e-mail replies.

Paul Fuller, President of NuGrowth Digital, commented on the benefit the relationship will bring to the agency’s clients. “With Siftrock, our clients will be able to learn more about their database, gather automatically-generated net new leads, and ultimately communicate more effectively with their target audience.”

Fuller added, “The idea behind Siftrock is simple, and the execution is strong. As an agency, we love the ability to automate elements of database maintenance and inbox monitoring.”

Siftrock founder Chris Hundley is also excited about the relationship and sees it as an opportunity for growth for both parties. “NuGrowth has been the first agency to leverage Siftrock across their clients. The partnership has given us the opportunity to learn, first-hand, what agencies need—and to incorporate those things into the platform that is now available in a scalable agency model.”






About NuGrowth: NuGrowth Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing organization dedicated to helping companies grow through professionally persistent market outreach and strategic territory management. NuGrowth creates “sales as a service” business development teams and supports them with exceptional lead generation marketing.

About Siftrock: Siftrock is a reply mail intelligence platform designed for marketers to extract value out of the replies generated by their email marketing campaigns. The platform automatically categorizes responses, captures new leads and information, and provides reply data and analytics.