New Business Development and the American Rescue Plan: Leveraging Funding to Bring Growth to Your Community

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Business Development Outreach, Sales as a Service, Sales Enablement

The American Rescue Plan went into effect in March 2021, providing another round of funding for individuals, businesses, and municipalities to curb the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided nearly $350 billion in aid to states and cities, including funding for economic development organizations.

Designated to “respond to the COVID-19 emergency and address its economic effects,” the funding released to organizations should be used to bring new business development and ease the economic impact on municipalities like yours. And it should be put to use now.

While you need to act fast to surge economic growth, your action must also be strategic. That’s where sales outsourcing can help. With an end-to-end fully operational development team, an outsourced sales organization can help you optimize data, identify opportunities, and build a strategy for immediate execution to get your economic community back on track.

How Sales Outsourcing Can Bring Business to Your Community

With an outsourced sales team, you get the tactical expertise and operational power you need to jump-start your community’s re-opening. A sales outsourcing team provides:

  1. Strategic planning to set an achievable roadmap for building relationships and bringing top brands to your community
  2. Growth identification, targeting existing businesses in your community, and helping them identify development opportunities
  3. Relationship building through targeted conversations with skilled representatives, building connections on your behalf
  4. Content creation to improve your outreach, especially on a digital landscape
  5. Opportunity spotting, flushing out areas for industry and business growth
  6. Market research to understand the needs of your target industries and what they’re looking for in an ideal community
  7. Industry diversification, helping you establish stability by relying on more than one core industry for economic growth

Beyond these targeted areas, when you bring in a reliable outsourced sales team, you free up your team to tackle the complex issues you’re facing during this critical transition. For example, a recent McKinsey Global Survey found that almost 70% of business owners see “building the skills of existing staff” as the most critical focus post-COVID. And, between 70% and 80% of B2B decision-makers are turning to “digital self-service” over in-person meetings with suppliers, meaning suppliers need reliable digital communication infrastructure.

Building your community workforce’s skills and ensuring businesses have access to reliable phone and internet are significant strategic issues you need to address. Bringing in an outsourced sales team means you can focus on these critical matters while your outsourced team tackles discovering opportunities and building essential brand relationships for the future.

Leveraging American Rescue Plan Funding for Help

The best news is that your American Rescue Plan funding can cover the indispensable services sales outsourcing brings. So, put your resources to work by engaging with an outsourced team like NuGrowth Solutions to help get your community to a brighter post-pandemic future.

Our skilled team is poised to help you create jobs and expand business. With effective technology for sales enablement, go-to-market strategies for pipeline velocity, and sales management to deliver on expectations, we’re focused on helping your community grow.

Find out more about how NuGrowth has helped build economic development in communities like yours: fill out this simple contact form to get in touch.