Monitoring the KPI’s that Really Matter

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Business growth comes with questions. Are your goals realistic? How many reps should be hired? In order to meet goals, how many calls do your reps need to make? Is your message gaining traction?

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are the secret to answering these questions. By monitoring these crucial metrics, growing companies can visualize the sales pipeline, plan strategy, avoid obstacles, and gauge healthy growth.

Unfortunately, not all KPI’s are helpful. Unless each metric is linked to a process that is the responsibility of one or more individuals, measurements will not lead to positive corrective action. KPI’s without a clear, explicit process for measurement and evaluation will lead to confusion and disagreement.

So what are good KPI’s? If you’re looking to expand your business, these five metrics will guide the way to growth:

The targets outlined here may vary from industry to industry. One thing holds true across the board, though: a commitment to analyzing, learning from, and constantly improving based on these KPI’s is a vital success factor in business growth.

Perfecting the sales process is a big commitment. If you’re looking for a partner with experience in this area, contact NuGrowth. We hire and lead results-oriented business development teams and support them with exceptional lead generation marketing. Partner with us for sales and marketing strategy built to succeed.

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Author: Adam Rapp

Adam serves as account manager for NuGrowth Solutions providing sales and marketing leadership, consultation, and strategy for NuGrowth Solutions and client engagements. In his time at NuGrowth, he has lead several NuGrowth Solutions client engagements driving rapid and scalable revenue growth and ROI for his clients.