Insurance and Sales as a Service: Why it Makes Sense

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Anyone in the industry will tell you insurance is about relationships. Insurance agents and their clients need to build trust, and that means devoting time and energy to excellent service and fostering connections.With so much time required to foster relationships, it can be difficult for small, independent agencies to tackle development.

For most businesses, Q1 goals and plans are now irrelevant and the future uncertain. As we gain data on the effects of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are seeing in print what they detected in their experiences:

Enter outsourced sales, also known as sales as a service. Whether an agency needs to streamline operations, better manage data, or grow their client base, sales as a service is a cost-effective, impactful solution.

Why Outsource Insurance Sales?

When presented with the outsourced sales as a service solution, some may question, “Isn’t outsourcing too impersonal for insurance?”. With the right provider, it’s not. A great sales as a service team integrates with an agency, customizing approaches to best fit the agency brand. And, bringing in an outsourced partner frees up agency resources to devote more time to building relationships and improving connections.

Other insurance outsourced benefits include:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Leverage data more effectively
  • Understand client and prospect behavior
  • Create a client-centric experience

And, unlike multi-tasking agents, outsourced teams are 100% focused on growing business. Their goals are your goals, and they don’t have the day to day tasks of running an agency or keeping up with secondary responsibilities to distract them.

What Does an Outsourced Sales Team Do for Insurance?

Outsourced sales teams have the tools and experience to dive deep into areas like market research, pipeline management, market outreach campaigns, and CRM management to help agencies understand their clients better and grow their business. And, you can decide which services you need and which you don’t. Quality sales as a service teams provide options so you can target problem areas and gain expertise that will last long after they’re gone. Some of the best services for insurance agencies include:

  • CRM management to help agencies better harness data and translate it into effective drip campaigns.
  • Market research to bring agencies valuable data on what prospects want and how to bring it to them.
  • Targeted outreach campaigns that hone-in on reaching prospects, starting conversations, and signing policies.
  • Sales pipeline management tactics to educate agents on how to move prospects through the buyer’s journey and keep the sales pipeline moving.

Get Started with an Outsourced Team that Knows Insurance

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