Inside Sales Training from an Outsourced Partner: What NuGrowth Can Bring to Your Team

by | May 13, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

These are uncertain and potentially stressful times for many businesses as each day brings new developments on when and how “business as usual” will resume. Due to this uncertainty and stress, your team needs stability and unity. NuGrowth Director of Sales Support Brian McCann outlines some of the ways inside sales training can help you build and train your team to take on challenges and grow together. 

Here at NuGrowth, we think a lot about what it means to have “a well-trained team.” At the core is an understanding and discipline of four practice areas we use to serve our clients across business functions.

1. Values

These are what is important to you as a business. Do you look for boldness? Honesty? Fairness? A combination of these? We get to the heart of what your company wants to see in its team and what you want customers to see when they look at you.

2. Beliefs

Stemming from your values, your beliefs are more action-oriented. For example, if honesty is a value, a tied belief may be “we learn from our mistakes.” If you’re valuing admitting failures, you must also believe there is something positive that comes from being honest. In our trainings, we look at what your team believes as individuals. We then discover how those individual beliefs can be translated into common, unifying beliefs as a team.

3. Methodologies

Here is where we get down to the “brass tacks” of it all. We train on sales methodologies like “the art of discovery,” time management skills, and best sales tools, among other skills. Armed with these building blocks, we’re able to work on the nuances of best practices.

4. Best Practices

Best practices focus on the specifics around broader methodologies, such as how to leverage Salesforce data or the detail of using scripts, managing messaging, and adjusting tone. Through mentorship and shadowing sessions, individual reps can see how to put methodologies into practice in a real-world scenario.


Our training program, NuGrowth University, is a large part of our culture and what drives our teams to become united, goal-oriented, and growth-driven. Over our three-week sessions, we have “classroom” time, practice sessions, and a healthy dose of shadowing sessions where new outreach members observe veteran members on live calls into the market.

NuGrowth University is important to us because culture is vital to our organization. As a dynamic company that anticipates change, we must continually invest in the growth of our people. This growth-oriented training environment brings our team together, ensuring we have a unified, proven approach when communicating with clients, teammates, and leadership.

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