Data and Sales as a Service: What You Need, Why You Need It, and How to Get It

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

Data is essential to our success as a sales as a service provider. Our goal is to help businesses fill in gaps in their development processes. Well-organized data can show where those gaps occur and point to how to fill them. That’s why organizations with reliable data management and analysis can generate up to 70% more revenue.

According to McKinsey & Company research, companies that leverage data in their development processes see profits jump 5-6%. That’s an impressive stat, but it can be challenging to know what data to record and how to put it into action. We have the sales as a service secrets to answer these questions.

What Data Do I Need?

Start by taking a look at what data you’re recording in your CRM. Then, think about what elements you still need to capture and if you need to rethink how you code your data.

Top data points to collect include:

  • Contact info
  • Buyer Persona
  • Industry Segment
  • Prospect origin (how did they come to you)
  • Activities
  • Interest level

What is My Data Telling Me?

Gathering data is only part of the story. Once you have the information you need, it’s time to analyze and assess. Data can answer critical development questions and provide insights such as:

  • What are my average KPIs?
  • Which strategies are yielding results?
  • What titles are best to pursue?
  • What is the time from contact to conversion?
  • What factors surround good sales or poor performance?

What Can I Do with My Data Analysis?

Once you’ve uncovered the story your data is telling, you can start putting it into action. Leverage what you discover to:

  • Train sales reps in best practices
  • Define the buyer’s journey
  • Identify and exploit niche selling areas
  • Determine best pricing
  • Capitalize on cross-selling and referrals
  • Bolster lead scoring

Accelerate Your Data to Action

One of the biggest challenges companies have around data is knowing how to best capture it in their CRM. After years of perfecting our data gathering tactics, we’re sharing our expertise in our Accelerator app for Salesforce®.

NuGrowth Accelerator is a customized data tool for Salesforce, designed to capture the right data for swift analysis and actionable optimization. Equipped with 14 built-in go-to-market strategies, built-in outreach cadences, and insightful KPI reporting, Accelerator is the critical app you need to tap into the power of data in development.

Leverage data and accelerate your sales today. Reach out to us at 614-304-3917 or to find out more.