6 Signs You Need an Outsourced Sales Training Reboot

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

Shockingly, studies found 70% of employees surveyed say they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs. How would you feel if 70% of your employees felt they didn’t have the necessary skills to close deals? If 70% of your team felt like they were floundering?

While it may not be 70%, likely some of your development team needs- whether they know it or not –better training. Even if a rep or manager comes with years of experience, they don’t have that experience in your company with your product or service and core values. Every team can benefit from outsourced sales training; it’s just a matter of to what degree.

Signs Your Company Needs a Sales Training Reboot

  1. There’s a free-for-all methodology

There’s nothing wrong with individual reps putting their own spin on how they talk with prospects or close deals, but you need consistency of process. A defined, company-wide methodology and use of a common vocabulary give everyone a solid starting framework. Defined methods also unite your team and make it easy to give and take advice, knowing everyone is on the same page.

  1. There are no best practices

Similar to defining methods, you should have identified best practices. No matter where you are in your business’s life, there’s something you’re doing right that keeps you thriving. Leverage data to understand which methods are doing well, record them, and share them with your team to help you continue to grow.

  1. There’s nowhere to go with questions

Studies show that in as little as one month, people forget 80% of what they learned in training. Your team needs written resources to go back to when they’re putting training into action. Similarly, experienced team members can act as resources as well.

On the NuGrowth team, we have specific individuals devoted to sales support and development and identified Sales Mentors for new team members. This level of always- accessible resource keeps our team sharp.

  1. There’s no “on the job” training

Telling and teaching are two different actions. To teach your team, they need to put what you told them into action and get feedback on the results. At NuGrowth, part of our training includes role-playing and shadowing, so reps can see how all they’ve been told applies to real world circumstances. These simple additions create space for feedback and deliberate practice and gets them out of their comfort zone.

  1. There’s an end date to training

Learning shouldn’t have an end date. In fact, if you halt learning, you’re at risk of losing as many as 60% of your staff in four years. Have frequent re-training and other learning sessions to keep your team sharp – and unified. Regular group learning and training sessions renew a sense of community, collaboration, and purpose.

  1. There’s an “I” in team

Company culture has a significant impact on your success. If your culture focuses on individual actions and successes, you’re likely to crash and burn. Culture permeates throughout the organization from the leadership team to the newest team member in the door. Start at day one to emphasize collaboration, embedding it in your training from the beginning.

NuGrowth Solution’s Sales Team Training Insights

At NuGrowth, new team members attend NuGrowth University, a 3-week program with classroom training sessions and real-time shadow sessions with current team members. We provide each new team member with a dedicated Sales Coach and mentor and emphasize each individual’s importance in the organization’s success as a whole.

With this proven program, and a commitment to team culture from the top down, we see self-leaders emerge and effective habits embedded to promote growth. That’s why we’re successful in what we do: bringing expertise to fill in the gaps in your sales strategy and bringing along your team to make the best choices now and for years to come.

Find out more about our methodology and how our team can bridge your sales gaps. Get in touch at 614.304.3920 or fill in a simple contact form here.