Outsourced Sales FAQs, Part 2

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Sales and Marketing Integration, Sales as a Service, Sales Tips

As an outsourced sales partner dedicated to new business development, we get a lot of questions about managed sales services. Earlier this year, we discussed a few of them—but in the meantime, we’ve encountered even more.

We put together the following FAQ’s to share our insight into the who, what, how, and why of outsourced sales.

How can an outsourced sales team sell for my business if they don’t know my industry?

A key skill ingrained in every NuGrowth-trained sales executive is to avoid the temptation to “sell” right off the bat. People don’t want to be sold to in the beginning of the cycle—they hate it. If you haven’t built a relationship, you haven’t earned the right to sell.

NuGrowth’s sales philosophy focuses on building that relationship, and understanding your buyers’ situation by asking the right discovery questions. Do they have a budget? Are they the right person to make a purchasing decision? What are the needs that your product or service meet?

The ability to discover and qualify leads is in some sense industry-agnostic, and is the core competency of outsourced sales teams like NuGrowth.

What do you look for in a sales rep?

There’s no secret to NuGrowth’s process in hiring new members of our sales team. We hire highly-competitive, people-focused individuals who know how to communicate with intelligence and perseverance. Our rigorous hiring process is based on decades of experience, and includes ProfileXT testing and 7-9 individual interviews with our experienced leadership team.

How much time will it require for me and my staff to manage an outsourced sales team?

One of the benefits of partnering with NuGrowth is the presence of our in-house management and coaching team. With our specialization and singular focus on business development, the time needed for outside management is truly minimal.

After an initial onboarding kickoff in which we download your company sales strategy, we meet on a weekly basis to provide insight into our activities through rigorous reporting that gives you full visibility into our activities.

How long does it take to get kicked off?

The time between our first kickoff meeting with your team to our first full day on the phones spans from one month to six weeks. In that time, we align our systems, create our comprehensive sales strategy, and hire and train representatives.

NuGrowth dedicates this time to accomplishing a tremendous amount of research. Starting with our experience in industries including education, software, manufacturing, R&D, insurance, and healthcare, we create a comprehensive sales execution plan that lays a practical foundation for business development.

How much does outsourced sales cost?

The short answer? With outsourced sales, you get an entire branch sales office for the cost of a C-level executive salary.
Already have an established, integrated sales and marketing infrastructure, along with the desire, budget, time, and expertise to hire, train, manage, and support a business development team? Then outsourced sales may not be a good fit. However, if you’re missing any of these areas, the outsourced sales model may save you money by:

    • providing access to dedicated sales trainers, managers, and coaches;
    • finding warm leads and holding meaningful conversations at lower cost per conversation;
    • giving you the flexibility and scalability of a SaaS: Sales as a Service; and
    • freeing your highly-paid enterprise sales executives to work the end of the sales funnel, manage good opportunities and close deals.

Other questions? Get in touch.

No blog can answer every question you might have about the outsourced sales model. At NuGrowth, we work with each client to create and reach their goals, and our personal commitment to each of our partners is central to our sales and marketing philosophy. To get connected to a team member who can answer your questions, contact us at 800.966.3051 or fill out our simple contact form.

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Author: Jeff Tillar

Jeff leverages 17 years’ sales experience in business development and opportunity management to uncover new relationships for NuGrowth. As a sales coach, Jeff’s ability to communicate value with purpose and clarity also allows him to help sales executives develop their business development skills.