Greg Tillar

Greg Tillar

Greg Tillar

Founder & CEO

Greg Tillar is the CEO of NuGrowth Solutions. He also serves as Chairman of Strategic Insurance Software, LLC a NuGrowth Partner owned organization.

Greg has successfully launched multiple businesses over his 40 years of providing executive management and leadership to emerging domestic and international businesses. While his expertise is in building and developing technology-based companies, he has also successfully led organizations in the advertising, non-profit, Internet, manufacturing, and recreation sectors. 

His expertise has always been focused on the implementation, training and growth of the sales and marketing areas.

Greg is excited about how the organization has progressed the last 14 years. We have expanded our offering from providing professional sales and outreach services to a complete sales outreach and sales enablement technology platform providing CRM, marketing automation, content services and data acquisition and analytics capabilities “

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