Low Risk, High Reward– Why Inside Sales as a Service Can Boost Your Pipeline Fast

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Lead Generation, Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

If you’re wondering why inside sales and sales as a service go together, you’re not alone. Many can be confused by sales as service given it is an outside business doing an inside job.

The truth is sales as a service encompasses both outsourcing and inside sales: it is inside sales with outsourced roots. With sales as a service, you have all the benefits of bringing in an expert team coupled with the personalization of managing sales within your business. Sales as a service, or SaaS, integrates with your business, providing an in-house development team, sales training and coaching, and CRM management among other services.

SaaS can provide a host of benefits to organizations at any stage, but you only get out as much as you put in.

What You Need to Put In

What you put into your sales as a service experience is critical. You’ve called in the experts because your development results aren’t meeting your expectations. It’s time to put some things on the line so you can gain more than you give.

  • Access to your database and content to allow SaaS providers to see what data is missing, define buyer personas, and match content to the buyer’s journey
  • Time with your team to train them on new outreach methods, provide expert coaching, and teach other results-driven techniques.
  • Willingness to try something new when it comes to processes and systems.
  • Ability to accept shortcomings in your tactics and see them as opportunities to grow rather than getting defensive.

What You Stand to Gain

From expert coaching to long-lasting process improvements, you stand to gain a lot from investing in a quality sales as a service provider.

  • Expert coaching for your sales team, setting them up for long-term success.
  • Advanced technology and training to equip you with the best tools in the business. From marketing automation to a custom CRM experience, SaaS providers have the development tool market covered.
  • A cost-efficient solution to your sales shortcomings. You stand to gain more in sales revenue than you’ll invest in a SaaS provider. Plus, you get the expertise and abilities of multiple tenured salespeople without paying long-term wages and benefits.
  • Timely solutions to complex issues in your development process. It’s never just one thing standing between you and sales success, and a SaaS provider can identify and rectify those issues swiftly.
  • Shortened sales cycle due to more efficient and effective processes, helping you convert leads faster and retain customers longer.
  • Clean data and quality content from audits, leaving you with valuable raw materials for outreach.

Gaining the Most with NuGrowth Solutions

With over 70 years’ experience in sales, we at NuGrowth Solutions are your #1 sales as a service exerts. Whether you need a sales overhaul or a development tune-up, we have the team and tools to give back what you put in many times over.

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