Outsourcing to Sales as a Service: Your Key to Jump-Starting Business Development

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Sales as a Service

As the #1 sales as a service provider, there are a few questions we get asked a lot. The first, “What is sales as a service?” followed by “Why use sales as a service?” and “what should I look for in a sales as a service provider?” We’re here today to answer all these questions and more.

Question 1: What is sales as a service (SaaS)?

Simply put, sales as a service is a business development solution. SaaS integrates with a business in need, providing an in-house sales team, development training, and CRM management, among other services. The difference between SaaS and an outside sales team is that integrated component. With SaaS, the people, systems, and tools all become one with your business.

Question 2: Why use sales as a service?

The distilled answer is SaaS makes your business development more effective. But, since sales as a service provides a variety of benefits to businesses depending on their specific needs, we need a longer answer. SaaS benefits businesses by:

  1. Improving lead conversion

Lead conversion matters and is something you can’t afford to skimp on. You need trained reps ready to identify quality leads and take action immediately when a prospect raises a hand. 92% of all customer interactions happen by phone and leads are 100 times more likely to answer your calls if you get them within five minutes of filling out an online form. You need a team focused on qualifying and converting leads, and a SaaS team can bring that dedication.

Plus, SaaS teams come with a metaphorical Rolodex full of contacts from their experience in the industry. They can leverage these contacts to gain insights on your current leads. These connections, combined with their finely-honed skills, means better qualified leads in your sales pipeline. When you have warmer leads coming in at the beginning, you’ve got a higher chance they’ll convert to sales at the other end of the journey.

  1. Scaling and expanding operations

Growing your business is always on your mind, but can be especially acute when you’re expanding to new locations, launching a product, or bringing in more business than you can handle. SaaS teams are an excellent bridge when you’re scaling operations in this way. Again, sales as a service teams can use their connections, systems, and tools to help you penetrate markets, channeling resources to a new area without pulling from your current team.

  1. Accessing better tools and training

It can take up to a year for most sales reps to be productive, and you don’t have that kind of time. A SaaS team can supplement with experience and training. Plus, SaaS brings your team state-of-the-art tech without having to invest in and learn a new system on your own. SaaS can seamlessly integrate their customized CRM and other sales tools into your team, helping each employee net a 55% higher profit.

Question 3: What do I look for in a SaaS provider?

To start, you want a provider with ample experience. That means looking at their leadership to see where and how long they’ve been involved in the sales industry. Next, be sure they have a tested methodology or strategy. It’s important to know a potential provider has a plan and data to back up why and how it works.

You’ll also want to ensure your provider is focused on integrating into your business. You want someone who is willing to get to know you and will care about your business as you do. And, your provider should be flexible to your needs, offering a variety of services depending on what you need to fill in your sales gaps.

Getting Started with the #1 SaaS Provider

We know a lot about sales as a service because that’s who we are and what we do. With over 70 years’ combined experience in sales, our team can analyze your business’ needs and develop a custom strategy in less than eight weeks. It’s that combination of skills and speed that has allowed us to provide over $100 million in closed revenue for our clients,  and make us the #1 SaaS provider in the business.

Find out how NuGrowth can help your team grow today and thrive for years to come. Get in touch with us at 614.304.3920 or fill out a contact form here.

Sarah Deak
Author: Sarah Deak
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