Healthy Database Tips for Sales Success …and How an Outsourced Sales Partner Can Help

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Database Health, Sales as a Service

The difference between a clean and cluttered database can be more significant than you think. It’s about more than peace of mind; it’s about your bottom line. An Experian Research study found bad data can result in over 12% in lost revenue. In contrast, businesses with superior data management see lead generation jump 152% beyond the average.

How can you achieve these impressive results? See what you need to obtain and maintain a clean database and how an outsourced sales partner can help.

5 Elements of a Clean Database

  1. Start with an audit. Your first step is seeing where you stand. Conduct an audit of your database, getting a gauge on the work that needs to be done.
  2. Cleanse bad data. Get rid of duplicates, bounced contact info, and prospects who haven’t engaged in years among other elements. You’ll want to make sure you have high-quality data as your base.
  3. Create a data team. Whether it’s one person or a dozen, ensure someone is watching data and keeping it clean. Be restrictive about who touches data and clear on data entry with regular trainings.
  4. Establish processes to maintain data. Make sure everyone knows how to enter data, even if they’re not entering it themselves. Clear processes, and regular audits to ensure cleanliness, are what keeps your database healthy and accurate.
  5. Leverage data hygiene tools to stay updated. No matter how careful you are, data can expire without you knowing it. Invest in data hygiene tools to scrub for bounced emails and disconnected numbers among other data deaths. These tools not only identify bad data, they update it with accurate information to keep you connected.

Knowing When You Need Database Help

Those these steps are relatively simple, they are quite time consuming, requiring meticulous focus and care. Most businesses simply don’t have the bandwidth, nor the manpower to perform a database audit, let alone clean up their data.

That’s where an outsourced sales partner like NuGrowth Solutions comes in. We’ve worked with numerous organizations to assess their data quality and worked with them to provide the tools and training needed to achieve healthy data, resulting in higher-quality leads and increased sales.

Contact us today at 614-304-3922 or fill out this form to learn how your business can dig out of dirty data and reap the benefits of a clean start.
Sarah Deak
Author: Sarah Deak
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