Top 6 Reasons Your Outsourced Sales Campaign is Failing

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Tips

Outsourced sales, inside sales, sales as a service – so many development “solutions,” yet no matter what you choose, your outsourced sales campaign is failing. Why?

Chances are it’s a few factors, some you can control, and some your sales partner should handle. It’s a combination of choosing the right partner and employing better tactics in your team. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why an outsourced sales campaign fails and how to get ahead of it.

Six Reasons Why Your Outsourced Sales Campaign is Failing

  1. Bad data

Poor data wastes time and money. Nothing wastes more time than calling disconnected numbers or emailing addresses that bounce back. At NuGrowth Solutions, we bypass this time suck with an immediate database audit in conjunction with audience analysis. During audience analysis, we create buyer profiles to identify elements like what job titles to reach out to and ideal target regions. We use this information in our data audit, discovering what data is outdated and what data we’re missing.

  1. Lack of transparency

Too often, businesses don’t know what’s going on with their sales team. You need visibility into your teams’ activities to understand what’s working and what’s not. We bring that transparency to our clients by recording actions in a customized CRM they own. We track the KPI’s by each campaign, showing clear areas of success and those needing improvement. Providing executive dashboards in the CRM gives managers visibility into what’s going on in real-time so they can take action ASAP.

  1. Poor messaging and cadence

Emailing prospects over and over again with a generic message only butchers your brand. This approach can do more harm than good. Calling three times in one week when you’ve never spoken before has the same effect. You need a professional call cadence and personalized messaging spread out over a couple of months to make a real impact. It’s not about how much you call; it’s about how you do it. We know from our proven call cadence and messaging templates that putting some strategy and integrity into your outreach has exponential results.

  1. Lack of strategy

Cold calling through a database is an ineffective way to hunt. This approach lacks purpose and makes you sound like a salesperson in a world where people hate to be sold to. We use proven tactic groups to separate the known from the unknown. These tactic groups are campaigns with historically higher conversation rates, driven by real purpose. The purpose could be location to an existing client, an upcoming tradeshow, marketing interaction, or another logical reason why you’d reach out to that contact. Adding in that reason is key to moving from being seen as selling to perceived as serving.

  1. Bad technology

Integrating your CRM, marketing automation, and website is key. Your business development team needs visibility into who is interacting with your website and content online. With this knowledge, they can reach out to warm prospects with a higher chance of starting a conversation. People are more likely to take a phone call if they are interacting with your website or content. There’s no excuse not to have marketing automation in today’s selling environment; it’s the only way to know if your content is working.

  1. Lack of training

Sales team training is critical. Unprofessional salespeople are everywhere these days. They are quick to dump product without understanding the client’s needs. Pushing solutions that don’t fit client needs gives off a bad impression of your brand, turning off not only that one prospect but future prospects as well. Our extensive sales training through NuGrowth University and organizations like Built to Lead are quick to build on strengths and work through weaknesses to equip teams for long-lasting results.

A Dedicated Resource for Sales Success

A shared resource model doesn’t work in an enterprise sales environment. You need a centralized resource to integrate the multifaceted development process. Trying to build a pipeline with part-time employees or an overseas call center can negatively affect your brand.

At NuGrowth Solutions, we bring a dedicated team of full-time reps to work as an extension of your existing team. Our over 70 years combined experience brings a wealth of results-driven go-to-market strategies and outreach cadences. These strategies, combined with powerful CRM data gathering, audit, and analysis skills, make us confident our team can eliminate your development campaign shortfalls.

Find out more about who we are and how we can help: get in touch by filling out a contact form or pick up the phone and call us at 614.304.3922.


Author: Jeff Tillar – Specialization in Business Development, why outsource (Director of Business Development)

Jeff Tillar is Director of Business Development for NuGrowth Solutions, serving as an inside sales rep, account executive, and sales coach since starting with NuGrowth in 2007. His role as a sales coach allowed him to be a mentor and teach NuGrowth sales methodologies. With over 20 years’ sales experience, Jeff is a seasoned professional specializing in enterprise sales and has experience selling software, real estate, medical supplies, advertising, digital marketing, and professional services.