Solid Foundations for a Sales Calls

In this age of numbers and stats to measure the effectiveness of every part of the sales process, on simple practice often goes overlooked.

A pre-call or pre-demo plan is critical to the success of sales calls.

  • 99% of customers want salespeople who contact them to research their business and industry.
  • 13% of customers believe salespeople demonstrate an understanding of their business challenges and how to solve them.
  • 45% of salespeople feel ill-prepared for their initial conversations with prospects.
  • 80% of sales calls are entered without a completed call plan.

In order to set yourself apart, you need to prepare. Use these 7 elements for each call, and watch your success increase dramatically.

  1. The Basics: Make sure you know the time, date, and format of the meeting.
  2. The Background: What do you already know about the person or people you’ll be speaking to?
  3. The History: What conversations or interactions have you or your team already held?
  4. The Purpose: What is the overall goal of the call?
  5. The Questions: What do you want to learn? Create specific questions.
  6. The Team: Ensure that everyone who will be involved in the call knows their role.
  7. The Timing: Aim to have your plan in place at least 1 week before the call.

Becoming a master sales call architect takes time. Instead of reinventing your sales organization and sinking time and money into people, processes and systems, Partner Effectively.