Decoding Sales as a Service and What it Can Do for Your Business

by | May 15, 2019 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

By now you’re aware what sales as a service (or SaaS) does, but may still be unsure what it means for your business. There’s a reason you’re reading this – perhaps it’s a dip in sales, a slow in new business, or a spike in your pipeline you’re not equipped to handle Whatever the reason, sales as a service is your answer. Contrary to what you may think sales as service isn’t one-size-fits-all, it’s a fits-whatever-you-need flexible solution.

SaaS By the Numbers

If you’re just going by the numbers, Sales as a Service can set you up to reap sales success. SaaS can train or bring in reps to move you to successful, productive, efficient inside sales conversations. While it costs an average of $308 per outside sales conversation, inside sales with SaaS can cost as little as $50. And, sales as a service can improve your lead generation and nurturing. Companies who excel in these areas generate up to 50% more hot leads at as low as 33% of the cost. With SaaS, small changes can have big impacts.

What Can Sales as a Service Do for You?

There are many ways sales as a service can and will serve your sales needs.

Expert Training

The best sales reps are those with experience, but experience takes time. With sales as a service, you get years of experience immediately. And, that knowledge can be shared with your current team members through targeted training. Training can help your reps learn how to listen more and build trust, leading to higher conversion rates and longer lasting client relationships.

At NuGrowth, we help sales teams improve through discovery. With questions focused on gaining personal interest, organizational plans, and need to have vs. nice to have, we train reps to get to know prospects on a deeper level. This not only creates a positive sales experience for the prospect, it also provides valuable knowledge to leverage later in the sales cycle.

Targeted Focus

When you hire a SaaS team, they come in ready and focused. They’re not distracted by administrative tasks or other aspects of daily life at your business – they are dialed in to one thing: your sales goals. They’re also free from the fatigue that goes with chasing and losing leads. One study showed 44 percent of salespeople give up after one follow up – and it takes an average of eight call attempts to reach a prospect. A fresh, singularly focused sales as a service team has the energy to pursue where your in-house team may be exhausted.

The Right Tools

Only 5 percent of salespeople said they receive quality leads from their marketing teams. It’s hard to make sales when your leads are dead in the water. Sales as a service businesses are proven to bring in more and better quality leads thanks in part to using the right tools for the job. SaaS teams have the tech and resources needed to collect and analyze audience data, finding target outreach areas with almost guaranteed returns. And the data tracking doesn’t stop there – they can create monthly scorecards and KPI tracking to improve performance continually.

Beyond finding better quality leads, sales as a service teams have targeted methods to follow up with each. With customized CRMs and marketing automation tools, they can create and send targeted content campaigns and track data on their performance as well. With a sales as a service team, you get a personalized data and analytics department working tirelessly to achieve your most lofty outreach goals.

More Meetings, and Better Results

Thanks to all the data they collect and their years of experience, SaaS teams are able to not only identify better quality leads but to get better results from their prospect interactions. They know how to attach different leads from different angles, knowing a prospect gained from a trade show interaction will respond differently than those who come from referrals or directly from competitors.

And, since they’ve been around the block a few times, sales as a service teams tend to have more connections. That means they’re able to get meetings with contacts you thought you’d never meet. This is because people like working with people they know: a survey showed 73 percent of executives prefer to work with sales professionals referred by someone they know. Chances are, thanks to their years of making connections and building relationships, a SaaS team knows someone the exec you want to meet knows.

The NuGrowth Difference

When it comes down to it, hiring a sales as a service team is a win – if you have the right team. With recent client results like adding $95 million in ACV pipeline revenue and $43 million closed revenue, NuGrowth Solutions is the right team for your business. Our proven sales methodology spans industries and organizations of all sizes and at various stages of growth.

Whether you’re just getting started or need to get back to (or better!) than whether you were, NuGrowth brings everything you need – and nothing you don’t – to bolster your sales pipeline.

See more on our Sales as a Service page or get in touch with a NuGrowth team member today to see where we can help you go.

Sarah Deak

Author: Sarah Deak
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