Getting to the Why Behind Sales-as-a-Service

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As inside sales professionals who specialize in helping companies build world-class sales and marketing organizations we frequently get asked, “why?” Why hire a sales-as-a-service company instead of just hiring a rep or two? Why inside sales? The “why” list goes on—with a few “what’s” and “how’s” thrown in as well.  We thought we’d take this blog post as an opportunity to answer a few of these questions for our audience.

Why hire a sales-as-a-service company instead of just hiring a rep or two?

  • Can you win The Masters with one golf club? One rep will never be equipped to perform the volume of work with diverse expertise that a team will. Each piece accelerates the value, productivity, and efficiency of each of the other pieces (Sales, Marketing, Infrastructure (CRM, MA). This is an exceedingly difficult job to do without a full support structure.
  • Not only that, it would be rare for any one organization be able match the highly motivating and competitive environment that exists at a sales-as-a-service company like NuGrowth Solutions. At NuGrowth, inside sales reps work side by side with others who have the same roles and goals, albeit for different clients, day in and day out. Not only do they get the benefit of sharing best practices, they are ensured the support and ongoing sales training they need to be successful.

Why inside sales?

  • Inside sales is a great fit for a wide variety of products, services, and industries. Web-based tools allow inside reps to effectively and efficiently communicate with prospects without the high-cost and time-consuming schedule of travel. An inside model allows reps to contact more prospects over a broader geographic territory in the early stages of a sales cycle.  If face-to-face meetings are required, you can bring in your more “expensive” reps at a later stage in the game after the inside rep has qualified the opportunity. Asking a rep to responsible for contact through closure will only slow them down and likely increase your cost of customer acquisition (CAC). Bottom line? The inside sales model can be built to scale far more quickly than a traditional outside sales model.

Why is speed to market so important?

  • Significant money and time is wasted “spinning wheels” when you take too long to get to market. Every day you are not selling you are not making money. Unfortunately, building a successful inside sales and marketing organization takes significant time and effort that can often be measured in terms of years. At NuGrowth you can shorten this cycle to weeks because we have the infrastructure already built and the systems in place to scale quickly.

Why specialize?

  • Specialization leads to greater effectiveness in each stage of the sales cycle, improving performance of the whole.  As we wrote in Managing a Sales Territory: Lessons from Baseball, “It is exceedingly rare for a lone sales rep to play the entire infield alone – tackling business development, excelling at enterprise sales and effectively servicing and growing existing accounts.” Each “position” on the team allows that player to develop best-practices and nuanced understanding of the requirements to excel at that position.

Look for more answers to come. Next week we’ll answer the following:

  • Why do you stress CRM discipline so much?
  • Why supplement outbound calling with digital marketing?
  • Why do I need to add outbound calling in my sales mix? Isn’t inbound lead gen enough?
  • And more…

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