Sales Coaching

Anatomy of a Pre-Call Plan

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

We have all been in situations when poor preparation has led to unnecessary work, when we wished we had taken the time to organize our thoughts or questions before acting.

Approaching a sales call requires groundwork. Without it, it is easy to lose control of a conversation. By the end of the call, you and your team may discover you have more questions than when you began, or, without realizing it, that you failed to gather all the requisite information to begin serving a client.

Benjamin Franklin’s warning is important in life as well as in business. If you take time to prepare, and stick to our proven, pre-call plan, you and your team will have a smoother, more successful sales call.

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Importance of Sales Coaching

Incompetent salespeople are all around us. This is something that we deal with on an almost day-to-day basis. Many of them do not realize they are bad and many cannot help it because they have never been properly taught. Sure, they’ve been handed a sales quota and...

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