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Making Marketing Automation Work for Your Outsourced Sales Campaign

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An Infusionsoft Small Business Marketing Trends Report recently showed that 43% of businesses with in-house marketing say their efforts are ineffective. What’s holding them back from transforming their outreach efforts into sales? In many cases, it’s a lack of planning around the marketing and sales connection, especially for those leveraging an outsourced sales campaign. One tool can bring both together: marketing automation.

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When Did Sales Become Scary? Signs You Need Inside Sales Services to Bring You Back from the Dead

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According to a survey conducted by sales strategist Marc Wayshak, 61% of salespeople say selling is more challenging now that it was five years ago. And with good reason – the sales game has rapidly evolved amid the tech revolution. Those who stood still during this swift growth find themselves in a sales slump, looking to inside sales service solutions to bail them out.

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Content and the Sales Journey: The Essential Outsourced Sales Campaign Pieces

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Cadence and content are vital elements for an effective sales campaign. These two elements are also challenging for many internal teams to perfect, which is why savvy managers turn to an outsourced sales campaign to help.

When we work with businesses to improve their sales campaign, it’s imperative to match content with our proven outreach cadence. The right content can move a prospect to the next stage in the sales journey and provide an anchor to sales team members as they make contact. Examples of matching content to the sales journey include:

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Demystifying Trade Show Outreach – Nine Tips to Optimize the Trade Show

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Trade show outreach matters.

In our super-connected, digital age, in-person trade show events may seem old-fashioned and passé. Yet, they remain an effective business strategy, with 81% of B2B companies leveraging them to gain and convert leads. Meetings generated from events net an average of $1,294 per participant and the trade show industry generated over $13 billion in revenue in 2017.

These numbers show trade show outreach is alive and well, and something your company should leverage. But, how?

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Data and Sales as a Service: What You Need, Why You Need It, and How to Get It

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Data is essential to our success as a sales as a service provider. Our goal is to help businesses fill in gaps in their development processes. Well-organized data can show where those gaps occur and point to how to fill them. That’s why organizations with reliable data management and analysis can generate up to 70% more revenue.

According to McKinsey & Company research, companies that leverage data in their development processes see profits jump 5-6%. That’s an impressive stat, but it can be challenging to know what data to record and how to put it into action. We have the sales as a service secrets to answer these questions.

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Business Development Strategy Tips: The Essential Discovery Questions

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When we work with companies, many have a solid business development strategy that, in theory, should work but isn’t getting results in practice. Often, the issue lies in a lack of connection with the prospect through discovery.

If you leave out discovery, you’ve shot your chances to establish trust and gain insight on a prospect’s individual needs. You need both to be able to successfully move prospects from one stage to the next in your pipeline.

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Hiring a Sales as a Service Partner – What it Means and The Questions to Ask

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Whether you need better data management, more streamlined technology, or simply additional development resources, sales as a service (SaaS) has your answers. As an all-in-one, personalized development solution, sales as a service can bring you everything from a dedicated insides sales team to targeted sales strategies guaranteed to exceed quotas and yield success time and again.

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Getting Tradeshow Appointments: Tips for Increasing Tradeshow ROI

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Generating and connecting with leads are among the top priorities and most common struggles for development teams today. Often, the issue lies in a lack of strategy or target. Development teams go wide and hard, yet come up short.

One way to yield better results is through targeting lead segments with specific Tactic Groups. These are segments of your development targets, coupled with tested and perfected outreach content and methodologies for each segment. Examples include location proximity for clients in the same physical area as your business, lost opportunities and previous customers, and tradeshow appointments.

Today we’ll focus on that third Tactic Group: tradeshow appointments. Many businesses employ this development tactic, but few manage to tap into its potential. The key is to do more than just show up to gain ROI from a tradeshow.

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