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Trade Show Marketing: What to Do Before, During, and After

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In the past year, almost 40% of companies increased their trade show budget. That’s resources devoted to trade show marketing, prospect outreach, and follow-up. The reason so many are upping their trade show investments is based on a simple fact: higher and more powerful ROI. The average face-to-face meeting costs upwards of $260 while a trade show prospect meeting is around $140. And each of those meetings are high impact, with almost 85% of trade show attendees saying they have buying authority.

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Business man holding electricity light bolt in his hands concept

Top Salesforce Support Needs: Actuate Your Development Data

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Bad data leads to bad development decisions. We all know this to be true. Stats like 40% of businesses failing due to inaccurate data, and almost 30% of sales rep time wasted on bad data signal the dangers of bad data loud and clear. While poor data points are a bad actor in development data failure, data collection and processing are also at fault. And all three are a major trigger in Salesforce support.

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Inside Sales Solutions: The Five Part Outreach Approach

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When it comes to inside sales, veterans and newcomers alike struggle with the same thing: prospect outreach. Outreach is the critical connection between a lead in a pipeline and a new customer. We’ve got the insides sales solution to help you make that connection: an intentional outreach cadence.

The Five-Part Outreach Approach

Effective prospect outreach comes from a combination of tested cadence and templates coupled with careful personalization. Your jumping-off point is a carefully crafted email and call cadence to keep prospected engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

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