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Hiring a Sales as a Service Partner – What it Means and The Questions to Ask

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Whether you need better data management, more streamlined technology, or simply additional development resources, sales as a service (SaaS) has your answers. As an all-in-one, personalized development solution, sales as a service can bring you everything from a dedicated insides sales team to targeted sales strategies guaranteed to exceed quotas and yield success time and again.

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Getting Tradeshow Appointments: Tips for Increasing Tradeshow ROI

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Generating and connecting with leads are among the top priorities and most common struggles for development teams today. Often, the issue lies in a lack of strategy or target. Development teams go wide and hard, yet come up short.

One way to yield better results is through targeting lead segments with specific Tactic Groups. These are segments of your development targets, coupled with tested and perfected outreach content and methodologies for each segment. Examples include location proximity for clients in the same physical area as your business, lost opportunities and previous customers, and tradeshow appointments.

Today we’ll focus on that third Tactic Group: tradeshow appointments. Many businesses employ this development tactic, but few manage to tap into its potential. The key is to do more than just show up to gain ROI from a tradeshow.

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Your Inside Sales Strategy Key: Outreach Cadence

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Does your inside sales team need an outreach cadence strategy?

Would we be asking if the answer was “no”?

In sales outreach, it’s your job to remember the prospect – not the other way around. The more you reach out, the higher the likelihood you’ll get a conversation going. Your chances of reaching a prospect increase from 40 to 90 percent between the first and sixth outreach attempt. And you need that conversation to make the sale.

As a sales as a service provider, we know a proven sales strategy can be a gold mind for you team. In fact, almost 60% of salespeople say once they found a winning strategy, they use it over and over for continued success. If you’re in the dark on sales outreach strategy, or if you’re looking to improve your methods, these essential elements will ignite your pipeline.

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Secrets to a healthy database 7.24

Sales as a Service Secrets to Success: A Healthy Database

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As a sales as a service (SaaS) provider, we’ve sold hundreds of products and services across many different industries. We’re brought in to tend to the particular needs of a given business, whether it be pipeline generation, sales management, or other aspects of business development strategy. Each client has its unique needs, but almost all have one issue in common: poor database health.

CRM and database management are critical to success. Data is the basis of all business development strategy – if you have garbage data, you’ll have garbage results. While a cluttered and seemingly disorganized desk may be a sign of genius, a disorganized database is a sure sign of sales calamity.

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7 Business Development Tools that Are Right Under Your Nose

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Business development requires a duo of solid strategy and finely-tuned tools. Each bleed into the other, with the tools you use informing how to adapt your strategy and your methods relying on using your tools. Your business requires the right combination of both to help you work smarter, not harder.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the essential tools for successful business development, many of which are hiding in plain sight. The question is, are you leveraging them correctly?

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Stats you cant ignore

Sales as Service Model Stats You Can’t Ignore

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Though the sales as a service model may be a relatively new concept, it’s quickly becoming a significant player in the business development sector. The rise of startup and entrepreneurial culture means new businesses need a jump-start to get off the ground, and veteran companies need a revamp to come up to modern times.

At NuGrowth, we’ve been in the sales as a service (SaaS) game for over a decade and have seen the SaaS model develop and gain major traction. Sales as a service provides businesses with the product knowledge, technical support, and outreach and development training many are lacking. See how SaaS is taking hold in business with these stats on the sales struggles many face. Read More

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Steps to Creating a Go-To-Market Business Development Plan

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You’ve got the product (or service). You’ve got the people. Now all you need are the customers.

Whether you’re breaking into an industry or breaking the mold in one, implementing a go-to-market business development plan is a challenge. While each sector has its nuances, there is a template for crafting and executing effective go-to-market operations. It all starts with gathering the right ingredients.

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Healthy Database Tips

Healthy Database Tips for Sales Success …and How an Outsourced Sales Partner Can Help

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The difference between a clean and cluttered database can be more significant than you think. It’s about more than peace of mind; it’s about your bottom line. An Experian Research study found bad data can result in over 12% in lost revenue. In contrast, businesses with superior data management see lead generation jump 152% beyond the average.

How can you achieve these impressive results? See what you need to obtain and maintain a clean database and how an outsourced sales partner can help.

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