Your Inside Sales Strategy Key: Outreach Cadence

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Lead Nurturing, Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

Does your inside sales team need an outreach cadence strategy?

Would we be asking if the answer was “no”?

In sales outreach, it’s your job to remember the prospect – not the other way around. The more you reach out, the higher the likelihood you’ll get a conversation going. Your chances of reaching a prospect increase from 40 to 90 percent between the first and sixth outreach attempt. And you need that conversation to make the sale.

As a sales as a service provider, we know a proven sales strategy can be a gold mind for you team. In fact, almost 60% of salespeople say once they found a winning strategy, they use it over and over for continued success. If you’re in the dark on sales outreach strategy, or if you’re looking to improve your methods, these essential elements will ignite your pipeline.

Essential Elements for an Effective Sales Outreach Cadence

  • Get informed: First thing’s first – you need to know who you’re talking to and what they want. Gather info on your prospect via social media, LinkedIn, and other online sources. If you’ve got a lead scoring system, figure where they fall. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to customize your cadence and content for success.
  • Define your timeline: Right off the bat, decide how often you’ll reach out. Every day is too often, but waiting more than three days is too much. Determine an outreach timeline and stick to it.
  • Know what you’ll say: Have multiple scripts for each type of prospect and each phase in your outreach. These scripts should be well rehearsed so you’re able to write or say them as naturally as possible.
  • Use multiple avenues: Your outreach shouldn’t be contained to one communication mode. Reach out by phone, email, LinkedIn, and other social media or messaging systems. Don’t reach out with the same script at the same time to each: vary the platforms you use as you move from one step in your cadence to another.
  • Vary content: Just as you vary communication modes, switch up your content with each contact. Use pieces of industry news to back your value, highlight feature updates, share relevant blog posts, and point them to client stories, among other content.
  • Be upfront: With each outreach, be clear regarding why you’re reaching out and when you’ll follow up next. This honesty establishes trust, an important part of creating a relationship that leads to sales success.
  • Improve, analyze, and implement: Make each outreach attempt better than the last and track which fair better than others. Once you have an idea of what’s working for a specific industry or role, save it in your CRM to use again. Track results by open and click-through rates, conversions, and other relevant KPIs to determine which strategies are worth repeating.

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Author: Sarah Deak
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