Your Go-To Sales Plan: Why Targeted Account Selling Should Be Top of Your List

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Sales Strategy, Sales Tips

What’s your business development go-to method? Individual targeting? Cast a wide net and hope for a catch? A blending of the two?

Good sales starts with methods that work. In today’s businesses, 3-5 individuals are involved in most decision-making processes. You can throw out individual targeting as a tactic. Also, it takes 10-15 impressions just to make contact, meaning you need to circle back to the same contacts multiple times to get results. Say good-bye to one-off net casting.

With so many individuals involved and such a high contact need, it’s time to hone in on account-based methods. You need to market and sell at a targeted account level using a standardized process to manage the multiple touch points it takes to make contact and set net new meetings.

Our latest infographic “A Statistical Case for Targeted Account Based Business Development” makes the case for and delivers the how-to on targeted account selling and marketing.

View the infographic here