Why top Businesses are Outsourcing to Sales as a Service

by | May 29, 2018 | Sales as a Service, Sales Strategy

The re-emergence of Inside Sales

If you’re in the business development world then inside sales is nothing new, however its recent growth might be. We discovered that inside sales reps are costing businesses less money while also increasing revenue, customers contacted, response times and efficiency. On average, an outside sales call costs $308, an inside sales call costs $50.

At NuGrowth Solutions, we believe in inside sales – we understand it and we know it well. Our inside sales calls are 60% less expensive than industry cost per call averages. Whether you’re operating on an inside model or traditional field sales, you probably still have a desire to grow your business. Top businesses have found tremendous growth and development from outsourcing to NuGrowth sales as a service where our outreach team is all internal.

Outsourcing to Sales as a Service

Many business leaders are left with “Do I build a sales team, or do I partner with one?” Good question, the answer is simple – partner with an outsourced sales as a service team. When you outsource your sales efforts to NuGrowth Solutions, you move faster through the sales cycle, increase revenue and KPI’s.

In less than 8 weeks we can complete a database audit, content audit go to market strategy as well as have a dedicated outreach team in place ready to make and track calls in proprietary growth platforms that integrate with all CRM’s.

Partner Effectively

Interested in learning how it would work if NuGrowth’s dedicated inside sales team represented your brand in market? Call us at 800-966-3051 or fill out a quick contact form and we will reach out with the appropriate team members to start the conversation to learn more about your needs.